How to get inside Fontana fortress

For gamers who want to infiltrate Fontana Fort and get El Florecer in Far Cry 6, there are two different methods.

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In Far Cry 6, there are certain areas on the map that can be entered but are linked to the Active Quest. Far Cry 6 programmed in a way that does not allow players to easily explore positions for which they have not yet traded. Unfortunately, some of these sites have Anti-Aircraft Cannons, which contain 50 depleted Uranium. Some landmarks will be inaccessible until the right moment, but some are easier to penetrate than others.

To the south of Yara in the El Este region is a small island known as Fort Fontana. If Dani decides to visit El Este first, they will end up having an Operation that requires breaking into Fort Fontana and killing Admiral Benitez. If the player wants to join earlier, then Fort Fontana will have Anti-aircraft Cannons That will shoot down anyone who tries to fly in. Even so, there are a few ways Dani can break into Fort Fontana without attracting the attention of FND sellados. This is the only way to get the El Florecer pistol early.


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Fly / Wingsuit into Fort Fontana

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This is a risky way to get into Fort Fontana, but it’s doable and possibly a lot easier for some gamers. Take a helicopter or plane from one of the FND Bases near Fort Fontanaand flew towards Fort Fontana’s East. Due to Anti-aircraft Cannons, getting too close while in the air will cause a warning appear on the screen.

If Dani is at a certain height above the ground, the warning will not activate and they can fly without being shot down. However, getting into Fort Fontana means being above not high enough to jump/parachute down.

  1. Fly towards Fort Fontana’s East so that Dani can land in an area of ​​Fort Fontana where there aren’t any enemies.
  2. Have helicopters/planes high enough, but not too high so that it doesn’t trigger the helicopter restart, and that’s why Dani can use the suit / parachute quickly.
  3. When “UNLIMITED GOODS! LEFT OR DO NOT DOWN.“the warning appears, escape from the helicopter and deploy the suit.
  4. Quickly dive towards the fortress and parachute so that Dani doesn’t fall to the ground.

Jump into Fort Fontana

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A safer method of entering Fort Fontana is to circumnavigate the perimeter of the fort itself. This involves literally jumping into Fort Fontana by climbing the wall to the right.

  1. On the map, look for Depleted Uranium Icon and hug the right side of the fortress wall.
  2. Go north and on the minimap, Unique Weapon icon will eventually appear.
  3. Jumping along the cliffs, near the fortress wall, and finally, Dani will encounter a series of vines crawl up the side of the fortress.
  4. Go a little further and there will be a wall with a “rounded edge” (see picture above).
  5. Rotate so that Dani faces the place the round wall intersects with the adjacent wall. If Dani is on the wrong wall/intersection, look for a patch of brown grass in the corner. Then run towards the corner while jumping and try to land on the “rounded edge”.
  6. Click the Jump button to Dani land on the edge and then be able to jump in fortress.

Far Cry 6 Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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