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Players work their way through The Genshin effect stories will find themselves periodically refining and enhancing their weapons and characters. One of the many ways to increase a character’s stats is by using various Artifact sets, such as the Gladiator’s Epilogue.

The Genshin effect gives players unique bonuses for collecting Artifacts. When shards are equipped in sets of two and four, the Artifact grants additional bonuses to its owner. Gladiator’s Finale set is gaining attention for being an indispensable supplement for physically-heavy characters like Beidou, Diluc, and Razor.

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Updated November 15, 2021 by Scott Vengel: Genshin Impact has continued to expand even now, more than a year after its initial release. The birth of Inazuma has brought new and veteran players to experience the magic that Genshin Impact is meant to bring to players. Between new bosses, characters, weapons, events, and artifact sets, there’s a lot to discover in Inazuma. That said, however, it’s never been more appropriate to remember the artifacts, weapons, and characters that have proven themselves since the game’s early days. Therefore, this article will be updated to be more supportive for players who want to use the gladiator set.

The Gladiator is set in Genshin Impact

Artifact set in The Genshin effect is divided into the following five equipment parts:

  • 1 Flower of Life (a brooch)

  • 1 Plume of Death (a feather)

  • 1 Sands of Eon (hourglass)

  • 1 Goblet of Eosystemm (a cup)

  • 1 Circlet of Logos (helmet/bracelet).

Gladiator’s Finale includes the following five artifacts:

  • Flower – Gladiator’s Nostalgia

  • Plume – Gladiator’s Destiny

  • Sands – Gladiator’s Desire

  • The Goblet – Gladiator’s Drunk

  • Circlet – Gladiator’s Triumphus

Gladiator is set in Genshin Impact

Reward for the Artifact Set

Each Artifacts offers separate base stat bonuses, but when equipped in pairs, they provide massive boosts. The 2 part reward for Gladiator’s Finale is massive attack increase of 18 percent, while the 4 piece bonus Also, increases basic attack damage by 35% if the user uses a sword, lightning, or pole gun.

In addition, the artifact has secondary stats such as elemental proficiency and attack bonuses. Due to the popularity of the Gladiator set in the game compared to other sets, it can be a good way to build characters that lack stats.

Of course, all five pieces of the set are not required for the bonus, but there are several matching options to choose from that allow for easier coordination with other Artifacts. However, players looking for the Gladiator’s Finale set will be grateful that it can be obtained through regular play, so no A wish is required for this rare item.

How to reach the end of Gladiator in Genshin Impact

Gladiator’s finale only drops from Elite Bosses and Week Bosses starting at World Level 2. That said, players hoping to get the ultimate 5-star version of the Artifact will have to start. their search is at World Level 3. Fortunately, Gladiator’s set drops from every Elite and Weekly Boss currently in the game.

Elite Bosses and Weekly Bosses appear on the in-game map and can be challenged just like a domain. Defeat a The Genshin effect Elite boss will spawn a Ley Line Blossom filled with rewards that the player can unlock with 40 Original Resin.

Artifact Box

Finale Genshin IMpact's powerful box artifact of the gladiator

Besides, The Genshin effect introduce Artifact Box system in version 2.0. Using this system, the player can trade three 5-star artifacts for an Artifact Box, providing a random artifact from its set. This could be a way to try to get Gladiator suits with the player’s ideal secondary stats, if they have a lot of artifacts.

There are four powerful boxes available overall, and the player can choose which set to focus on, ensuring that they receive an Artifact from Gladiator’s Finale. Other Relics strong boxes are available for the Bloodstained Chivalry, Noblesse Oblige, and Wanderer’s Troupe sets.

To create the Antiquities Iron, the player will need the Crafting Chair. Either of these can be permanently found at the following locations:

  • Mondstadt’s Foundtain Plaza

  • Albedo’s Campground in Mondstadt

  • Chihu Rock in Liyue Harbor

  • Inazuma City

  • Serenitea Pot (user’s home)

Mondstadt Elite Bosses:

  • Varicose veins – encountered in the Stormbearer Mountains
  • Electric weight loss – meet at Cape Oath
  • Cryo Hypostasis – encountered in Dragonspine
  • Cryo Regisvine – encountered at Starfell . Valley

genshin impact mondstadt map boss field

Liyue’s Elite Bosses:

  • Geo Hypostasis – encountered in Guyun Rock Forest
  • Pyro Regisvine – meet at Cuijue Slope
  • Oceanid – encountered in Bishui Plain
  • Primo Geovishap – encountered in Tianqiu . valley

genshin impact liyue map boss field

Inazuma’s Elite Bosses:

  • Pyro Hypostasis – meet in Kannazuka
  • Weight loss with hydroponics – Meet at Watatsumi Island
  • Maguu Kenki – encountered at Serpent’s Head
  • Permanent mechanical array – encountered under Jinren Island
  • Manifestation Thunder – met on the island of Seirai
  • Golden Wolflord – encountered on the island of Tsurumi

genshin impact map boss field inazuma

Weekly Bosses, on the other hand, are essentially the harder Elite Bosses, and spawn a Trounce Flower once defeated. Trounce Blossoms require a tribute of 60 Original Resin before they release any rewards. The two weekly bosses currently available are two of the “Four Winds” legend of The Genshin effectand although they are harder to beat, they have rarer rewards.

Weekly boss:

  • Andrius encountered in Wolvendom
  • Dvalin – encountered at Stormterror’s Lair
  • Tartaglia – encountered at Golden House
  • Azhdaha – meet in Nantianmen
  • La Signora – encountered in Tenshukaku

Boss Locations to Find Gladiators in Genshin Impact

For reference, Hypostases are large elemental user blocks found throughout Teyvat, while Regisvines are large elemental fly-like creatures. Oceanid is like a kind of flying squid spirit, and Dvalin and Andrius are giant dragon and wolf respectively. More than anything, dedicated fans strongly encourage players to hunt for Anemo Hypostases, simply because their rewards are more limited, which makes parts of the Gladiator’s Finale set more likely to crash. .

Players who are struggling to find Artifacts may also want to consider leveling up. The reward value increased significantly with higher The Genshin effect Adventure Rating.

The Genshin effect Currently available on the App Store, Google Play, PS4 and PS5.

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