How to get fragile plastic

As a Gacha game, the Resin system is a core game mechanic of The Genshin effect. Players need to use Resin to perform most of the game’s operations. Initially, it is not possible to save Resin, so the player must log in every day to use their Resin, or they will lose that day’s progress.

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After that, Solid plastic was referred to help a little bit about this. To this day, however, fans demand a better Resin system and more end game content that doesn’t require Resin. For new players, The Genshin effect generous in quantity Fragile plastic give them. So they have to use it with caution and use it in the right place and at the right time.


How to get fragile plastic in Genshin impact

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Fragile plastic is accessible through a variety of means in The Genshin effect. However, they are not common to obtain. To get Fragile Plastic, players can advance through the Adventure Rank, sacred sakura tree upgrade, complete Battle Pass missions or by birthday.

Adventure Rating

collect rewards from adventure ratings

After Adventure Rank 12, players occasionally start to receive Fragile Resins. Then, after AR20, Fragile Resin will be rewarded on each Rank. Reaching AR29, players will begin to receive two Fragile Resins in each Rank, up to AR60.

A total of 76 fragile plastics can be obtained when players level up their Adventure Rank. While it sounds great, players should be careful not to spend Fragile Resins until they reach AR45.

After Rank 45, the top level of the Artifact Domain will be available. This is the best time to farm Relics as Visitors are guaranteed to receive a 5-star item every run.

Battle Pass

Genshin Impact battle pass reward

The Battle Pass is another source of Fragile Resin. It contains up to 15 Fragiles, five in the free version, five in the paid version (Gnostic Hymn) and another five in the reward Paid version (Gnostic Choir). The Battle Pass also provides many other valuable resources and can save a lot of Resin for players who buy it.

Come before in The Genshin effect Battle Pass, the player must complete daily and weekly missions. Additionally, each Battle Pass will have its own BP cyclical reward, which greatly boosts player progress.

Sacred Sakura

Genshin Impact's Scared Sakura Tree Reward

When players reach AR30, they can provide Electrical signal to Sacred Sakura in Grand Narukami Shrine to get some materials. Every few levels, sacred sakura will provide a reward of Fragile Resin, up to a maximum of five.

Other ways

birthday cake rewards in Genshin Impact

At the start of the game, the Visitor can choose his birthday. On that day every year, players will receive a Birthday Cake. They can use this cake to get a Fragile resin. However, don’t worry. The player will not lose the cake in doing so.

In addition, people can also purchase packages with real-life money that contain Fragile Plastic and other materials.

The Genshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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