How to get Flash TM to light up Wayward cave

Flash used to be the Key HM in the older Pokemon games, but Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players can only find it as a teachable TM.

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Since the introduction Pokemon’of the Kanto region in the late ’90s, a move called Flash became important for trainers to find their way through dark caves and tunnels. Do not have one Pokemon that can move Flash, there is almost no way for the player to go through certain areas without hitting walls, facing unknown trainers, and getting lost.

The problem is, Flash used to be HM, but in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls, it’s not, and players will need to work hard to get it, especially if they’re planning to go through the unlit Wayward Cave. This is how Pokemon BDSP players can get Flash to go through Wayward Cave below the Bikeway.


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Where to find Flash TM/HM in Pokemon BDSP

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If the player has defeated Leader of the Oreburgh City Gymnasium and with access to Rock Smash HM, gamers can get Flash pretty early on. Players should follow these steps to locate Flash items:

  • Starting at Oreburgh City, head west and enter the Oreburgh Gate (it’s a cave).

  • Follow the path that leads north and use Rock Smash on the rock blocking the way.

  • Go downstairs.

  • Go down another set of stairs, and then there will be two breakable blocks on the right side near the Poke Ball lying on the ground. TM 70 Flash will be inside the Poke Ball.

You can also buy Flash on the third floor of the Department Store in Veilstone City for $1000 Poke.

How to use Flash

Unlike the HMs in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls, there is no way to use Flash via a Poketch device. Instead, Flash will have to be taught to a Pokemon in the player’s party. Once the player is inside the dark cave, they need to go to the menu, select “Pokemon”, then click on the Pokemon with the Flash moving, and then use it from there.

Flash is not Best moves to have in a Pokemon battle, since all it does is reduce the target Pokemon’s accuracy. If the player doesn’t want one of their lead Pokemon to learn a move, or if they can’t learn it, the player should probably find a Pokemon to teach the Flash they have in the box.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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