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In Bloodborne, there are three eye runes scattered throughout the overworld and Chalice dungeons. Their locations are as follows:

  • eye rune (1) – Nightmare of menstruation
  • eye rune (2) – found by killing Master Willem in Byrgenwerth
  • eye rune (3) – found in a glyph-generated Chalice Dungeon

We will detail below how to find each of these runes.

Eye Rune (1) – The Nightmare of Mensis

The Nightmare of Mensis / Bloodborne
The nightmare of menstruation

Eye Rune (1) is the weakest of the Eye Runes and increases your item detection value by 50 points.

It can be found in the Nightmare of Mensis, a late-game area that you will naturally find. Once you’ve unlocked it, warp from the hunter’s dream to the Nightmare of Mensis lamp to get started.

The Nightmare of Mensis Lamp / Bloodborne
Mensis Lamp’s Nightmare

From the lamp, go straight and turn right when you reach the first beast. Turning here takes you onto a narrow side path that winds around the cliff.

Continue down this path and be sure to use tranquilizers or blood vials to avoid dying from the frenzy that starts ticking.

Along the way, two large enemies will surround a glowing item – that’s the eye rune.

The glowing eye rune in the distance surrounded by two large enemies / Bloodborne
The glowing eye rune in the distance, surrounded by two large enemies

You can kill these enemies to get this rune, but it may be easier to get their attention and then lure them away from the item.

Once they’ve moved you can run in, grab the rune and leave.

Eye Rune (2) – Kill Master Willem

Eye Rune (2) Item Description / Bloodborne
Eye Rune (2) Item Description

The second eye rune increases your detection value by 70 points. It can be found in Byrgenwerth by killing Master Willem.

To find him, simply teleport to the Byrgenwerth Lamp, then follow the linear path through Byrgenwerth College until you reach the platform above the lake.

Master Willem overlooking Moonside Lake in Byrgenwerth / Bloodborne
Master Willem overlooking Moonside Lake in Byrgenwerth

Once you’re up here, you can kill Master Willem. He won’t fight back, so it’s safe to do so no matter how strong your character is.

Eye Rune (3) – Glyph generated Chalice dungeon

Collect Eye Rune (3) in a Chalice Dungeon / Bloodborne
Collect Eye Rune (3) in a Chalice dungeon

The strongest Eye Rune can be found as a random item in the deepest naturally occurring Chalice Dungeons.

Luckily, you can avoid all randomness by creating a Chalice Dungeon yourself.

Before you can do that, you must unlock access to the Chalice Dungeons and then complete the first Pthumeru maze.

If you’ve already done so, continue to the section titled The Eye Rune Chalice Dungeon. If not, read on.

Getting Started with Chalice Dungeons

In order to gain the ability to create chalice dungeons, you must first slay the blood-hungry beast in Old Yharnam to obtain the Pthumeru Chalice.

Item Description of the Pthumeru Chalice / Bloodborne
The item description of the Pthumeru Chalice

Once you have the Pthumeru Chalice, you must use it to complete a Pthumeru Maze before you can generate the dungeon containing the Eye Rune.

To do this, go to the Chalice Dungeon tombstones in the Hunter’s Dream. Interact with one and select the Chalice Ritual option and then the Pthumeru Chalice.

You need two Ritual Blood (1) to craft this Chalice. If you don’t have one, you can purchase some from the Hunter’s Dream Messenger Shop.

The Hunter's Dream Messenger Shop / Bloodborne
The Hunter’s Dream Messenger Shop

With the Pthumeru Chalice selected, select “Perform Ritual” to open a gateway to the Chalice Dungeons and illuminate the Tombstone.

Interact with the tombstone again to enter the maze. Once inside, you’ll need to explore the dungeon in search of a large lever that will open the gate to the dungeon’s first boss.

The lever that opens the boss room / Bloodborne
The lever that opens the boss room

Thanks to Chalice dungeon’s semi-random layout, this lever will be in a different location each time a non-glyph dungeon is created. Examine thoroughly and you should easily find the lever.

Once the lever is pulled, you can confront that floor’s boss behind the suspicious looking door, which you’ve no doubt already found during your exploration of the dungeon.

The door to the boss room / Bloodborne
The door to the executive office

Kill the boss inside and then move on to reach the next floor.

To unlock the ability to generate the Chalice Dungeon that contains the Eye Rune, you must venture through this Pthumerian Labyrinth until you reach and defeat the Merciless Watchers boss on floor 2.

The Merciless Watchers / Bloodborne boss fight
The Merciless Watchers boss fight

Once the Merciless Watchers are defeated, you will receive the Pthumeru Root Chalice, the last item you need to generate the Eye Rune Chalice Dungeon.

Generate Chalice dungeon

Once you have the Pthumeru Root Chalice, go to an unused Chalice dungeon tombstone. Interact with it and select “Search Chalice Glyph”.

To generate the correct dungeon, enter this exact code: p2tbyrh2

Entering the glyph code to generate the Chalice Dungeon / Bloodborne
Enter the glyph code to generate the Chalice dungeon

When the quest is complete, select the Pthumerian maze that appears and then join it.

You can now enter the Chalice Dungeon to find the Eye Rune.

Once inside, prepare for an uphill battle. This dungeon is full of endgame enemies.

Luckily, this Chalice dungeon is always laid out the same way, so you can follow an exact route to the Eye Rune and progress through the dungeon quickly.

The coffin containing the final Eye Rune / Bloodborne
The coffin containing the last eye rune

From the starting lamp, head into the corridor and open the first door on your left. Head down the stairs here and take out the enemies as you go.

When you reach a circular opening with a cage in the center, look for a ladder on the wall and climb it.

Look to the right at the top and go through the door here.

The door leading further into the dungeon seen from the top of the ladder / Bloodborne
The door that leads further into the dungeon as seen from the top of the ladder

Head down the corridor past the door, watching out for moving boulders. At its end, turn right and take out the enemies back here, then keep going.

At the end of the path, turn right again and then follow the corridor until you reach a bridge with lots of swinging traps.

The Bridge Full of Traps / Bloodborne
The bridge full of traps

When it’s safe, run across the bridge and take out the enemies, then run into the room in front of you.

Kill the Brainsucker here, then find the large coffin at the back of the room. Open it to get the eye rune. How to get every eye rune in Bloodborne (step by step) – FandomSpot


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