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When players hope to complete the arduous journey across states and into enemy territories The Last of Us Part 1, they must use whatever means necessary to survive. During the game, players have the opportunity to use different weapons, while Joel and Ellie get additional equipment and get closer to their goal.

Weapons are the most commonly used weapons and there are several to be found The Last of Us Part 1 but the players are not limited to them. Utilizing a wide variety of gear encourages players to covertly plot and plan encounters, choose their playstyle in a firefight, and respond effectively when caught off-guard in a high-stakes scenario.


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Players gain access to a variety of firearms along the way The Last of Us Part 1each effective in different scenarios and essential to Joel and Ellie’s survival as they travel across the United States in search of the fireflies.

Weapons can be upgraded at workbenches provided players have enough parts and the necessary tools, and are divided into two categories: pistols and long guns. After reaching tool level 1, players can use a workbench to craft secondary holsters for their short and long arms to speed up equipping a weapon.

9mm pistol

This is the first weapon available to players and cannot be overlooked. After telling Joel that she wants to pay Robert an unfriendly visit, Tess takes the player through the Boston quarantine zone.

Upon arriving at her hideout, players can pick up Joel’s backpack and 9mm pistol. After unlocking workbenches, available upgrades for the 9mm pistol include reload speed, rate of fire, and magazine capacity.


Players can collect the revolver after walking unsafely over construction machinery to get into a downtown building. Players must follow Tess and Ellie down a flight of stairs. In this next room, a corpse is leaning against a desk and the revolver is on the floor next to them. Turret upgrades include reload speed and rate of fire.

hunting rifle

After Tess partes ways in the Capitol Building, players must climb the stairs and follow the path to progress. Players will need to jump across a small gap to the next area where there will be a Firefly body and hunting rifle, making this the first long gun players can obtain.

It is possible to improve reload speed, magazine capacity, and performance, but most importantly, a scope and armor-piercing rounds can be added to the hunting rifle. Armor isn’t limited to human enemies, as infected like clickers and bloaters are also considered armored due to their thick fungal coating.


The bow is considered a “long gun” in-game and is located in Bill’s Town behind the shop where the clicker triggers one of Bill’s traps. Near the wall is a truck that says “No Trespassers” that can be climbed on with a ladder.

Players see the bow propped against the back of a comfortable chair, along with an arrow and other resources. Meanwhile, Ellie can also pick up a bow left behind at the Colorado Mountain Plaza after a cutscene.

pump shotgun

The shotgun provided by Bill to Joel before the group heads out to find an operational car battery is devastating at mid-range. Players will often find that a single shot is enough to take out certain human and infected enemies, and the spread makes accuracy a little less important. Shotgun upgrades include reload speed, rate of fire, magazine capacity, recoil, and range.


This one-handed shotgun becomes available in the Sewers in Chapter 6, Suburbs, and players have two options to collect it. After triggering the first sonic trap, players will find a bench to the left of a blue lawn chair where the shorty can be picked up.

Alternatively, after Joel is separated from the group, players can find the Shorty on the body of an infected.

At a workbench, players can improve the Shorty’s reload speed, rate of fire, magazine capacity, recoil, and dispersion.

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Military sniper

In the second half of the Suburbs chapter, Joel, Ellie, Henry and Sam are pinned down by a hunter trying to take them out with a sniper. Players have to sneak around the different buildings to enter the house where the sniper is hiding.

After taking them out, players must take control of the sniper to defend the party from hunters and infected. Unfortunately, since this weapon is mounted in a fixed position, it is not possible to take it with you, but players can temporarily enjoy unlimited ammo.

El Diablo

One of the most powerful weapons in the game, players have three ways to collect the El Diablo, each located in Tommy’s Causeway.

Along the path leading to the dam, players will see an abandoned car next to a purple flower bed with the El Diablo and a few resources on the ground.

The second location is in a hut in front of the entrance to the dam, where players can also collect the Power Plant Map artifact. The final location is in the dam by the workbench.

Upgrades for El Diablo include reload speed, rate of fire, magazine capacity, and armor penetration.


The Flamethrower is an effective weapon for thinning out hordes of enemies, especially uninfected ones, and creating distance between the player and enemies. At a workbench, players can upgrade the flamethrower’s reload speed, range, and power.

Players have two options to pick up the flamethrower in the university; The first is in the loading dock, where players will also find a workbench. However, if players miss it here, the flamethrower can also be collected in a nearby building in the basement, but players need to be careful as there are several infected here.

assault rifle

While this is a staple weapon for the Military and Fireflies, players cannot access it until the end of the game during Joel’s attack on those in Saint Mary’s Hospital. It can be collected from almost any fallen Firefly enemy, but there are no workbench upgrades for the Assault Rifle and it runs out of ammo when playing on higher difficulties.

melee weapons

through The Last of Us Part IPlayers can equip different types of melee weapons. These weapons are useful in tight quarters, especially when players are conserving ammo. Only one can be equipped at a time, and each has different durability levels indicated by a segmented bar to show how many hits players can get from it before it breaks.

After a melee weapon is spent, players revert to bare-knuckle combat when playing as Joel, and Ellie uses her switchblade.

The melee weapons available are:

  • 2×4
  • baseball bat
  • ax
  • machete
  • Pipe

Originally introduced as thrown objects to either stun or distract enemies, bottles and bricks can also be used as improvised melee weapons. Bottles break on the first hit when thrown or used in melee combat, while bricks break either on impact after being thrown or after three melee hits.

Crafted Weapons

As players progress through the story, additional resources become available and new crafting recipes are unlocked. Players can craft explosive weapons such as Molotov cocktails, nail bombs, and smoke bombs.

Knives are another crafted weapon that players can use, but they can only be used stealthily or as a last line of defense if grabbed. While playing as Ellie, players will find that knives cannot be crafted as she has her switchblade which can be used stealth and as a melee weapon.

In addition, players can even craft temporary upgrades for their melee weapons. This allows melee weapons to gain crude blade attachments, increasing their durability and dealing additional damage.

The Last of Us Part 1 is available for PlayStation 5 and a PC version is in development.

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