How to get an explorer backpack

In addition to gaining access to 26 new works, players upgrade to Skyrim Anniversary Edition also get everything available in Skyrim Creative Club. Among these 40+ addons is the creation of Explorer.

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This creation was originally released in 2018 and serves to improve the barrier system of Skyrim. Not only do they increase load weight, some also have additional effects that come in handy for most playstyles – especially in Survival mode, is also included in Anniversary edition.

Adventurer’s Backpacks

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Backpack User Guide Stats

There are 16 types of Adventure Backpacks included in this creation, split evenly between standard backpacks and backpacks with extra abilities and special abilities. While each improves the player’s carrying capacity by 75 points (just over 25% improvement in base stats), the Mage, Hunter, Thief and Adventurer backpack of the same name offers something else.


  • Leather backpack: Add 75 points to Carry
  • Good leather backpack: Add 75 points to Carry
  • Dark leather backpack: Add 75 points to Carry
  • Fur backpack: Add 75 points to Carry
  • Adventure backpack: Adds 75 points to Stamina, also increases Stamina
  • Hunter Backpack: Adds 75 to Capacity, also increases Bow’s damage by 10%
  • Mage Backpack: Add 75 points to Carry, also increases Magicka 20 points
  • Thief backpack: Adds 75 points to Capacity, also makes Lockpicking 15% easier

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Each backpack also has a version of Bedroll available, although this seems to be only a cosmetic change as it has no effect on the player receiving the Good Rest bonus. Be sure to pick the backpack that’s right for you, and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra for those extra bonuses (if you plan on taking advantage of them).

How to get a backpack in Skyrim

Skyrim Anniversary Adventurers Lydia Backpack User Manual

Adventurer’s Backpacks are found in two different places in Skyrim: at suppliers and through fabrication. They don’t cost much to buy and don’t require any complicated crafting materials to craft, so every player should be able to get one of these sooner.

Watch out for loot in dungeons, like on bodies and in treasure chests, as there’s also a small chance they’ll spawn in the world. If you are particularly lucky, you’ll find the exact Backpack you need, eliminating the need to buy or build one entirely.

Buy and Find Backpacks

You can buy backpacks from any of the usual vendors, like Belethor in Whiterun or Lucan Valerius in Riverwood. NS special backpack with additional effects per cost 80 gold (with or without Bedroll), while the normal version costs from 40 Gold to 50 Gold max – buying a Backpack won’t break the bank. They can also be found as loot on the ground.

How to make a backpack

Crafting a backpack is almost as easy as buying a backpack, and their cheap resource cost makes them a good thing to craft early to earn some cash flow. Every normal backpack cost 1 Corundum and 3 Leather (4 Skins for the Bedroll version), while each Special Backpack for 1 Corundum and 4 Leather (5 Skins for the Bedroll version).

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