How to get a pet with a wolf bone

The Bone Wolf is one of the most unusual pets in Skyrim Anniversary Edition and offers a powerful bonus when battling the destroyers and the undead.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Bone Wolf

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Celebrating the 10th birthday of the legendary RPG Bethesda. The latest version of Skyrim not only includes all the features of the previous Special Edition, but also contains a large amount of community-generated content from Creator Club.

One of the others Exciting Creative Club Package Included in Skyrim Anniversary Edition is the Bone Wolf, which adds new enemies, themed quests around them, and a new pet for players to tame. The Bone Wolf itself is an undead wolf that offers powerful bonuses to the player, but can only be obtained through the quest chain.


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How to start the Bone Wolf Quest in Skyrim

Screenshot from Skyrim outside the city of Solitude showing the domed headland over the river.

Bone Wolf Quest pets in Skyrim called Let Sleeping Wolves Lie, and will not begin until the player completes the sequence starting with The Man Who Cried Wolf, which can be purchased from Falk Firebeard in Solitude. Some time after the player completes The Wolf Queen Awakened, the final quest in that series, they will receive a brief letter from Bolgeir Bearclaw, housecarl of Solitude.

Bolgeir’s letter will begin Let’s Sleeping Wolves Lie, and will require the player to hunt down a grim reaper on the north coast. The Terminator can be found a little northwest of Folgunthur, one of the SkyrimNordic Ruins. The cryptanalyst’s camp is under a cliff and is guarded by two fierce, hostile wolves, as well as the necromancer himself.

How to tame the Bone Wolf in Skyrim

snow stairs and carved stone face north skyrim

Once the player has defeated the destroyer in SkyrimLet Sleeping Wolves lie mission, they have to steal the diary, key and Totem Bone from his body. The diary will reveal that the phantom is in the process of tying up a new wolf, but has yet to complete the ritual. The Skeleton Wolf itself can be found in a nearby cage, unlocked with a key.

Unlike other Skeleton Wolves enemies in Skyrim Anniversary EditionThis Bone Wolf is not hostile. All the player needs to do to adopt it as a pet and complete the quest is unlock the cage and interact with it. As a pet, the Bone Wolf will not fight alongside the player, although it can carry items. However, players traveling with the Bone Wolf will receive the Bone Wolf’s Revenge Perk, which increases damage done to undead and undead by 25%.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series X | S.

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