How to get a goblin follower

Gogh was a goblin follower in Skyrim Anniversary Edition and this guide details where players can find him and how they can recruit him.

skyrim goblin followers

When players travel around the world Skyrim, they will encounter countless characters willing to become their followers. One of those characters is an elf named Gogh, and he is freely available to all owners of Skyrim Anniversary Edition. For players interested in joining the services of Gogh, this guide details where to find this goblin stalker and exactly how to recruit him.

Skryim: How to get a goblin follower

Before the player tries to find the goblin followers in Skyrim, they should go to Creative Club and make sure they have Create Elves installed. As noted earlier, this Creation is included with Anniversary editionand fans can access the Creative Club through the game’s main menu. After Goblins Creation has been confirmed to be installed, the player should go to the Bee and Barb in Richestre and read the Letter to Clexius, on the closet in an upstairs room.


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Reading this letter will initiate a quest called Blue in the Face, and it will lead the player to a dungeon called Gromm’s Pass. To be clear, this cave is located near the Lost Tongue Overlook, in the mountains southeast of Ri Then, and a mission attraction will take fans straight to it. Upon entering Gromm’s Pass, the player will encounter a number of goblin in Skyrim, and they should dispatch these enemies and eventually kill the Blue God to proceed with the related quest.

With the Blue God slain, Skyrim fan should go deeper into Gromm’s Pass until they come to a pit where Gogh is being held. Talking to this goblin in his pit will generate a number of dialogue options, some of which will result in Gogh becoming the player’s follower. While the proper dialogue choices are pretty obvious, fans who want to be absolutely sure they’re recruiting followers should choose “how are you” and then “I’ve always wanted a goblin as a follower.” Friend.”

Once Gogh was enlisted as a follower, fans were able to talk to him to convince him to change his armor. Players can also bring goblins into battle and Gogh’s ability to summon Storm Atronach in Skyrim does not bring him some nasty utility. This bit of extra attack power can prove particularly useful in the early game, and as such, players should descend into Gromm’s Pass not long after they reach Ritrl.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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