How to get a Gnome Hat

A gargoyle in Wytchwood wants help becoming a fashion icon, and it will need a number of items, including a Gnome’s Hat.


In the game Wytchwood, players will be wandering in a fairy tale-like world with countless strange and wonderful creatures. One of these people the player can encounter while in the Village is a gargoyle who is looking to make a fashion statement in this sane outfit. indie games.

Gargoyle’s Quest in Wytchwood

While the player is considering burning the Black Sheep’s workplace in Kid-friendly puzzle titles, Wytchwood, they came across a gargoyle wearing a very fashionable scarf. The witch admired the handkerchief and was trying to get it when the head guard began to speak. It tells her it can help her if she does a few things first. The player must carry some items; It’s a:


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  • Thread and sewing needle
  • Three pairs of Elf shoes
  • One Gnome Hat


For anyone to play Wytchwood long enough to get to this point, the first two should be fairly easy to get to. Players can make a sewing kit out of mosquito bites and some reed wire. Next, the player will have to get those shoes by making some shiny baits out of fireflies, shiny rocks and bunches of wood. Place your prey in the middle of the Village’s roads and watch the Elves flock there. As soon as the Elf explodes because of the decoy’s magic, it will leave behind its shoes.

This leaves Gnome Hat for the player to find. But where are the gnomes and how can players take their hats off in this indie game puzzle video game?

Where to find Gnomes in Wytchwood

There are three or more gnomes in Wytchwood, but the player may not remember where. Since witches have never been in contact with them before, it can be difficult to find out exactly where they were previously found. But the gnomes are located in the Sunflower Field locations of the schools. Use one Wytchwood Hearthseed to fast travel to the middle then click on the southernmost portal to go to the Field. Once there, the player will want to go east. Cross the north or south bridge and find the Sunflower Field to the north of the pumpkin garden.


Using Witch Sight, the player can find the gnome’s weak point: a puzzle box.


They can handmade Mule-Style with Changing Roots, Nails and Seashells. Make one and drop it in the field for gnome to find. The puzzle is so hard that the gnome’s head will explode and the player can take off his hat.


Wytchwood available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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