How to Get a Daedra Heart (And What Does It Do)

Daedra Hearts are used in advanced Alchemy and Alchemy recipes. Daedra Hearts are rare, but there are several places where they can be found frequently.

Skyrim How to get Daedra Heart Guide

If there is one type of enemy that stands out among the natural, ethereal and mechanical enemies of Skyrim That’s Daedra. The Daedric Princes are iconic figures of Oblivion, but Daedra takes on more forms than these god-like creatures. From Dremora to Atronachs to Scamps, Daedra marr SkyrimLandscape of Mage covens, dungeons and otherworldly planes.

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While the player can summon Dremora with Conjuration, the only Daedra that drops that item is natural encounter in the world. These normally monstrous-looking residents of Oblivion unknowingly carry a powerful multi-faceted element that can only be plundered from what remains of them: Daedra Hearts.


Uses and effects of Daedra Heart

  • Value: 250
  • Effect One: Restore Health (5 points)
  • Effect Two: Magicka Damage (3 points)
  • Effect 3: Restores damage stamina (reduces to 0 for 5 seconds)
  • Effect 4: Fear (Creatures up to Lvl 1 for 30 seconds)

Daedra Hearts is one of the more powerful Alchemical ingredients available in Skyrim also used in some Smithing formulas. They can be used to craft some of the game’s strongest Health and Damage Recovery potions, so they can be sold for the amount of gold is completely decadent.

They are also used in Smithing to create Daedric weapons and armor along with Ebony Ingots. Daedra Hearts are considerably rarer than Ebony Ingots, mainly because Dremora and Daedra are much rarer and aren’t guaranteed to drop one when killed.

How to get a Daedra Heart in Skyrim

Skyrim buys a Daedra heart from a vendor

There are three main places where the player can find Daedra Hearts in Skyrim: in many Daedric Prince quests, at Atronach Forge, or plunder from the dead Dremora and other Daedric enemies throughout the game. The first of these methods is the simplest – do some Daedric Prince quests and loot every body and vessel you come across for Daedra Hearts.

To create a Daedra Heart at Atronach Forge, combine the Sigil Stone, Human Heart, and Black Soul Gem (unfilled) in the Forge below the College of Winterhold. If all else fails, search for Dremora throughout Skyrim’s fortresses, dark mages, and dungeons. Interestingly, Thalmor agents roaming the province are rarely able to take them with them, but some consider it “illegal” and “immoral” to kill Thalmor agents. wherever they might be hunted.

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