How to fulfill the hope of drowning in Horizon Forbidden West

Here’s everything you need to know about finding the vault keys and completing the side quest in Horizon Forbidden West’s, Drowned Hopes.

The much-anticipated sequel of 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn, is finally here after a long wait. Developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Forbidden Horizon in the West meet Aloy again in a post-apocalyptic version of the American West.

With plenty of puzzles and rich main stories to dig into, let’s take a look at one of the game’s side quests called Hope drowns and show you its location and how to get the vault key.

Western Forbidden Horizon | The Acclades Trailer



Western Forbidden Horizon | The Acclades Trailer





How to complete the side quest, Drowned Hopes

  • First, it’s probably best to get to level 22 before doing this quest to give you the best possible results. To trigger the Drowned Hopes side quest, you must talk to Carja Scholars at Carja Camp, which is not too far from Stone’s Echo on the map.
  • You can also start the quest by hearing the Rumors of the Carja Expedition by talking to Corend at camp Nowhere.
  • Once you’ve talked to Carja Scholar or heard the rumor, you’ll be directed to the same location so either way is fine. Next, head south to the Jagged Deep Delve and destroy the machines before you go any further.
  • Once they’re taken care of, dive underwater to where you’ll find a shipwreck, where you’ll find the first vault key in the Security Dashboard.
  • You now have a new location to explore via coordinates. By going west, you come across some flooded ruins. Jump through the window and down to where you’ll find your second vault key in the second security panel, followed by another set of coordinates.
  • With your new location, head west again to Devil’s Slide. Upon reaching the ruins, dive into the water where you will have to open the door and a few rooms later you will find the key to the third vault.
  • A different set of coordinates means a different location, so start south to those. Again – lots of diving – but once there, get underwater and navigate your way south through the passage until you find a wall that you have to pry open. Exit and you will find yourself facing some machines. Kill them and ahead you’ll find three locks for your Vault Keys and access the Portable Shell System needed to nearly complete the mission.
  • Return to Carja Scholars at Carja Camp by heading north. While there, Craft a Guardian Tripcaster to complete the side quest, Drowned Hopes. When you complete this side quest, you will also get 7,150 XP and 2 Skill Points.

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