How to fix the launcher that checks indefinitely in Final Fantasy XIV

There are many unintended, frustrating problems in video games, no matter how hard the developer tries to fix them, and Final Fantasy XIV Is no exception.

One of the FFXIVThe worst are the ones that pop up even before the player can launch the game, where the launcher checks the game indefinitely. This usually allows the game to check for updates and download if available, but can get stuck.

This is not the easiest error to fix as it can have a multitude of causes. Therefore, a lot of fixes that users can try.

How to fix launcher infinitely check Final Fantasy XIV

Screengrab via Square Enix

First of all, problems can arise during the busiest hours in the game. When the servers get overloaded, usually around rolling out major updates like new expansions, it can happen because too many players try to connect at once. In that situation, the players can only restart the launcher and hope for the best.

In some other cases, it can happen due to reasons such as slow or faulty network, or an error with the game’s files. The first thing to try is always to restart the game’s client and platform and see if that works.

Troubleshoot your home network

If the problem persists, it can be resolved by troubleshooting your home network.

First, the easiest method is to restart your router. If it doesn’t solve the problem, change your DNS address. It will reset the path between you and your ISP and will do the same with the connection to the game.

On the PlayStation, you’ll have to navigate to Settings, go to the Network menu, and select “Set up an Internet connection,” where you’ll be able to choose a custom one. Select Automatic IP Address without specifying a DHCP server name, then select Manual in the DNS settings. On PS5, you’ll only have to go to your network’s Advanced Settings to change your DNS address.

On a PC, you’ll have to go to the Window’s Star menu, go to the Network and Internet menu, select “Change adapter options,” and right-click on Network. Then select Properties, and then select Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties. There you can enter a different DNS address.

The alternate DNS address you can enter could be a commercially available address like Google’s.

Check your game files

If your network is fine and previous fixes didn’t prevent the problem, the next solution would be to check your game files, since “check Final Fantasy XIV“Regarding game updates.

If you’re playing PlayStation, there’s no way to check the game’s file, but there’s also a very low chance that your file is corrupted, so you can skip this step.

On your PC, you can right-click on your game folder and check the file with Microsoft Defender or whatever other software you get with Windows or use your anti-virus system.

If you’ve downloaded games on Steam, you can use the software’s dedicated settings to check them out by going to your library, right-clicking FFXIV and go to local files tab.

Check for driver updates

If checking the game’s files doesn’t solve the problem, then the next method to try for PC players is to check for driver updates. Some users have report the problem has been solved thanks to this step in the past, so it’s worth a try.

You shouldn’t do that, especially if you don’t remember you’ve updated them for a while, as they often bring a lot of fixes that can be useful in many cases.

Submit a support ticket

One of the last fixes you can try is to send ticket support to Square Enix or reinstall the game.

Depending on your connection speed, one method will be faster than the other. You may have to wait a few days for an answer from the support team, but the game file size exceeds 60GB. How to fix the launcher that checks indefinitely in Final Fantasy XIV


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