How to Find Sunstones (& Any Pokemon They Evolve)

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl players who want Bellossom or Sunflora will need a Sun Stone. This is where they can find one.

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First introduced in 2nd generation Pokemon Game, the Sunstone can be used to evolve five different Pokemon, although not all of them show up in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls. Unlike most of the other Evolution Stones in the game, there’s no fixed point where the player can find them, meaning those looking to get their hands on Belllossom or Sunflora will need a bit of luck on the side. surname.

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As usual when it comes to finding Evolution Stones, the Grand Underground once again holds the key, with a few different methods of finding Sunstones associated with Brilliant diamond & Shining pearlsColorful underground cave system. This guide will explain exactly how players can find Sunstones, as well as the Pokemon that evolve when exposed to them.


Where to Find a Sunstone in Brilliant Diamonds & Shining Pearls


Much as Moon stone, no Sunstone pick up service is guaranteed in the underworld for Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, which means that players will again need to rely on RNGs when looking for them. As in countless others Pokemon game, there is a 5% chance that a wild Solrock will wield the Sun Stone when captured. With this in mind, players should go down Grand Underground to find yourself a Sun Stone.


For those who are having trouble finding Solrock, Grand UndergroundThe excavation mini-game could offer a slightly better option. To get started, players simply need to find an orange marker on the minimap and then press the R button when nearby to pinpoint its exact location. Once they know where to look, the player can check the location with A to start digging. Although not as popular as Thunder and Flint, Sun Stones appear quite often, so players will not take too long to find a stone.

Pokemon evolve using sunstone in brilliant diamond and shining pearl


  • Gloom -> Bellossom
  • Sunkern -> Sunflora

Since the Generation 4 remakes are largely based on Pokemon first introduced in the Sinnoh region or before, they only have two Pokemon that can be evolved using the Sun Stone. The first of these, Dark, which can also be evolved using Leaf Stones, can be found in the Grand Underground as well as on Routes 224, 229, and 230. Sunkern could also be found in the Grand Underground and also on Road 204, although the player will need to use the Poke Radar to find it there.

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