How to Find Shiny Stones (& Every Pokemon They Evolve)

Shiny stones are quite rare in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, which is bad news for those looking to develop their Togetic or Roselia.


After introducing the first five Evolution Stones in Pokemon Red & Blue, only one additional type is added to the sequence in the next two generations of Pokemon Game. However, all of this changed with the 4th gen games, with three brand new Evolution Stones all debuting. Fifteen years passed, and all three stones returned once more in Pokemon Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls.

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Like one or two of other evolution stones, the Shiny Stones were originally used to breathe new life into older evolution lines, with Togepi and Budew each receiving a third stage evolution upon introduction. Unlike the Pokemon they evolve, Shiny Stones can be quite hard to find Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls; because those who want to find one will soon learn.


Where to find a shiny stone in brilliant diamonds & brilliant pearls


First chance Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls the player will have to get their hands on a Shiny Stone that will go to level B3 of Iron Island, which they will be able to visit as soon as they arrive Canal City. After defeating the Elite Four and gaining access to the Battle Zone, they will be able to choose another person on the Road 228 by following the narrow bike bridge near the duel.


While on topic Pick up, it is said to be one of the most underrated abilities of the whole Pokemon Franchising. True, it’s not all that useful in battle, but it can provide players with some extremely useful items, including Shiny Stones. Chances of finding one start at only 4%, but will increase with the Pokemon’s level. By the time the user reaches level 91, the chance of the Picked item being a Shiny Stone is 10%, which is a great way to farm them.

Pokemon evolve using a shiny stone in brilliant diamond and shining pearl

  • Togetic -> Togekiss
  • Roselia -> Roserade

Due to the absence of Minccino and Floette, there are only two of the Pokemon in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls can be developed using Shiny Stones. The first of these is Full of energy, the player will need to evolve from Togepi by leveling it up with a high Friendship stat. Players can find Togepi on Route 230 with the Poke Radar or down in the Grand Underground. The only other Pokemon grow with a shiny stone To be Roselia, the player can also found in the Grand Underground, as well as in the Cup Garden and on routes 212, 221, 224, 225 and 229.

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