How to find Groves, Meadows and Snowy Slopes in Minecraft 1.18

It’s finally here – the long awaited Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 has been released to the audience on November 30. The mountain biome has been completely revamped, offering three new sub-biomes for players to explore: Groves, Meadows and Snowy Slopes.

Groves, Meadows and Snowy Slopes are all unique forms of Mountain biomes that add more character and diversity to the slopes in Minecraft. Here’s everything you need to know about each of them.

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Minecraft | Walt Disney Magic Kingdom DLC Official Trailer





What are Groves?

Forest is one of the new mountain biomes of 1.18. Usually you’ll find them at high altitudes – on snowy slopes below the summit and on hilltops next to forest biomes. There’s also a chance for it to spawn at lower altitudes, but only when next to a snowy biome.

Minecraft 1.18 Grove

Although similar to Snowy Taiga, Groves will have a surface of snow blocks and snow powder rather than grass blocks. You will only be able to find spruce trees in this biome, but luckily you can find a number of different animals here. Rabbits, wolves, foxes, sheep, pigs, chickens, and cows will all spawn in Groves. Just be careful, as Pilager outposts can also spring up in the Groves!

What is Meadows?

Where you’ll find mountains, you’ll likely find the Meadow biome. Growing on lower slopes and as an independent biome in the highlands, Grasslands will often be found alongside Plains or other snow-free biomes.

Minecraft 1.18 – Meadow biome (left) next to Plain biome (Right)

Grasslands are large, flowering grassy areas that grow at higher elevations than the Plains biome. You will find that the grass is a darker green than the Plains grass blocks and the color of the water is a darker green. As the name suggests, all plants spawn in Meadows – grass, tall grass, and all small flowers except blue orchids, tulips, lilies of the valley, or wilted roses (of course). ). The tree rarely appears in this biome, but if it does, it will be either a Birch or an Oak, and will always have a hive.

Prairie is particularly unique as it is the only mountain biome that villagers can create. You’ll find Plains villages and looting outposts here, among rabbits, donkeys and sheep.

What is a snow slope?

Completely covered with snow, snow blocks, and powdered snow, the Snowy Slope is fairly easy to identify in-game. This biome will spawn on the upper slopes of snowy mountains or on hilltops next to less forested areas. As the name suggests, you’ll usually only find them at higher elevations, but there’s a chance they can generate at lower elevations in other snow biomes.

Minecraft 1.18 Snow Slopes (front) with other snow biomes (rear)

Barren and frozen, the Snowy Slope is one of the most dangerous of all. You run the risk of being frozen by powdered snow, attacked by looters at their outpost, and gored by a goat. However, you’ll find rabbits and naturally created igloos here, so it’s not all icy danger!

And that’s all there is to finding Groves, Meadows and Snowy Slopes in 1.18! See other DualShockers tutorials for more Minecraft Content.

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