How to Find Foliage (& Every Pokemon They Evolve)

Five of the Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl evolve using a Leaf stone. These are which ones and where the player can find them and the stones.

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Perhaps more than any other generation, Grass-type Pokemon are extremely useful in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls. They have the type advantage in many of the game’s biggest battles, including who was with Roark at Sinnoh’s first gym. It is for this reason that so many players choose to participate choose Turtwig as their starter Pokemon, though for those who prefer to pick Chimchar or Piplup, thankfully there are plenty of other great grasses in the game.

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Although most grass-type Pokemon in the series evolve by leveling up, there are a few that require the use of special Evolution Stones. Leaf Stones can be used to evolve five different Pokemon in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, four of which have been part of the franchise since the days Red & Blue. Consider a few of them among the the best grasses in the gen 4 remake, players will probably want to find themselves a Leaf Stone or two as soon as possible.


Where to find a leaf stone in a brilliant diamond & shining pearl


There are a number of different locations where a Leaf Stone can be found Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, the first one is Floroma Meadow. The player will need to enter the grasslands through the secret entrance on the north side to find the stone, however, it can be accessed by gliding west along the stream on the southern part of 205th Street. A Leaf Stone can be found hidden in the grass near the upper house Highway 225 and another one in the mud near the center of Big swamp.


As with the other Evolution Stones, players will also be able to dig Leaf Stones in Grand Underground. They are much less common than Fire and Thunder Stone, but still showing up fairly regularly. Those hoping to be able to dig 42 mysterious Fragments to encounter all the legendary Pokemon at Ramanas Park will certainly find more of what they might need and so will probably end up selling their spare parts at some point to make some extra cash.

Pokemon evolve using a leaf stone in brilliant diamonds and shining pearls

  • Gloom -> Vileplume
  • Weepinbell -> Victreebel
  • Exeggcute -> Exeggutor
  • Eevee -> Leafeon
  • Nuzleaf -> Shiftry

Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls introduces five Pokemon that evolve with Leaf Stone, the first of which is Dark. The player can find Gloom in the Grand Underground as well as on routes 224, 229, and 230. Weepinbell can also be found in these locations. Exeggcute, on the other hand, can only be found in the Great Marsh, while Nuzleaf and Seedot in its undeciphered form are both found only in the Grand Underground. Eevee slightly different, instead of catching one, the player is given a substitute by Bebe after they have unlocked the National Pokedex.

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