How to Find Dawn Stones (& Any Pokemon They Evolve)

Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl players hoping to evolve Kirlia or Snorunt will need to find a Dawn Stone. This is where they should look.

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Of the nine different Evolution Stones obtained in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls, Dawn Stones is probably unique. First introduced in the 4th gen game, whether or not they work depends not only on the type of Pokemon they’re used with, but also its gender. This in turn allows for some interesting things branch evolution and also gives more meaning to the Pokemon’s gender beyond the game’s breeding mechanics.

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Although Dawn Stones cannot be excavated in the Grand Underground like with most of the other Evolution Stones in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, the player still has several options when it comes to tracking an item. Sadly, though, those hoping to get an early hand are a bit lucky, as the first chance players will get to find one comes halfway through the main story.


Where to find the dawn stone in brilliant diamonds & shining pearls


Players will first be able to get their hands on the Dawn Stone on Mount Coronet shortly after defeating Cyrus at Team Galactic’s headquarters. Once they were Cynthia is defeated and gain access to the Battle Area, they should be able to find another near a trainer north of Route 225. It’s on a high ledge, so getting to it will require use the Rock Climb HM.

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Those looking for a more passive method of obtaining the Dawn Stone should instead track Pokemon with Pick up ability. It can be found on several Pokemon including Aipom, Munchlax, and Pachirisu, and periodically gives the player a valuable item. At low levels, the chance of said item being a Dawn Stone is only about 5%, but as a Pokemon’s level increases, their chance of picking up a Dawn Stone also increases, up to a maximum of 10%.

Pokemon evolve using dawn stone in brilliant diamond and shining pearl

  • Kirlia -> Gallade
  • Snorunt -> Froslass

There are two Pokemon that evolve using the Dawn Stone in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, the first of which is Kirlia. For the stone to have any effect, Kirlia needs to be a man, meaning the player may need to catch two or three of them to find the right gender. The player can find Kirlia on Routes 203 and 204 using the Poke Radar as well as in the Grand Underground. Snorunt could also be found in the Grand Underground and with the Poke Radar on Routes 216 and 217. This time, however, players will need a female Snorunt for the Dawn Stone to work.

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