How to find Arcade Machine Easter Eggs

Halo Infinite features a variety of easter eggs for players, ranging from useful in-game additions to entertaining objects, which can be hard to find.

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Halo Infinite Easter eggs are numerous and fun, and a joy for longtime fans of the franchise who are trying to make the most of it. Halo Infinite campaign experience. One such Easter egg is a video game machine, which can be found as early as Infiniteof the story and very accessible if the player only knows where to look.

Video game machine, like many machines other easter eggs in Halo Infinite, in Zeta Halo mainly to entertain players. The arcade machine is easy to miss, especially since it’s located near the Outpost Tremonius, an area most players don’t explore right away because they’re eager to get started with the story. However, the Easter egg is still there and well worth exploring.


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How to find Arcade Machine Easter Eggs

Halo Infinite Arcade Machine

The arcade machine’s easter egg is hidden in a small bunker-like room near Outpost Tremonius. And, unlike easter eggs that are complicated like eggs in House of Reckoning, this machine is very accessible and purely for entertainment. After the player has cleared the enemy outpost, when Echo-216 has arrived and is about to take the player to the next object, they have a chance to find the Easter egg in Halo Infinite.

Instead of going into Echo-216’s pelican, the player should head back down the hill towards the small building at the back of the valley. Behind the building, there is a rock slot that the player can follow to a small doorway in the precursor. The door is attached to the stone wall, and when the player enters, they will see the video game machine in the center of the room.

The arcade machine is Halo Infinite-inspired. The back of the machine reads, ‘This is madness,’ and the transmitter Halo music theme. The hidden room contains an easter egg that has some powerful weapons that can help the player progress through the next stages of the game. the Halo Infinite campaign. While some of the Easter eggs in the campaign are useful to the player, such as weapons or vehicles that can be used against powerful enemies, the arcade game is purely for fun.

Whether it’s a video game machine or a giant sandwich complimented by Infinite ‘s grumble, 343 Industries has littered its new title with exciting new things to look for. The ferocity of the campaign has yet to lose players, and the next phase of Master Chief’s journey is sure to be tough. Therefore, it would be nice to see some interesting content in Halo Infinite. It shows the 343i’s dedication to its latest title and gives players a reason to more thoroughly explore the world of Zeta Halo.

Halo Infinite Available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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