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The Staff of Discord drops from Chaos Elementals found in the Underground Hallow.

You can find the underground sanctum in the cave layer, which is just below the surface sanctum.

You must be in Hardmode to farm the Rod of Discord as the Underground Hallow only appears after defeating the Wall of Flesh. It has a 0.2% drop rate in Classic mode and a 0.25% drop rate in Expert mode.

This tool allows you to teleport anywhere you place your cursor, with the tradeoff of losing 1/7 of your health each time you use it.

Chaos Elementals naturally spawn slowly, so the most efficient way to farm them is over Creating an automated farm.

Let’s dive in.

Preparing for the farm

1. The right equipment

Example of a good equipment setup / terrariums
Example of a good gear setup

The Underground Hallow is a dangerous biome, especially if you visit it immediately after starting Hardmode.

You should have at least pre-hardmode armor like molten, but early hardmode armor like cobalt or palladium is best.

For weapons, anything beyond pre-hardmode should be usable.

You’ll need a Molten Pickaxe or better to mine anything in it.

2. Materials for the farm

Here’s a look at what you’ll need for the automatic farm:

  • Large stack of any block
  • Stack from any wall
  • 300-400 Pearlstone blocks
  • 10-20 wooden platforms
  • 1 bed
  • 1 trapdoor
  • 1 lava bucket
  • Frog Leg Accessory

Farming Chaos Elementals (Auto Farm)

Chaos Elementals have a chance to only spawn on three specific blocks:

  • pearl stone
  • pearl sand
  • Pink blocks of ice
Pearlstone, Pearlsand and Pink Ice block appearances and terrariums respectively
Pearlstone, Pearlsand, and Pink Ice Block Appearance and/or Image Source

With this parameter it is possible to create a farm that is not in the Underground Hallow, although you still have to be in the Cavern level.

To start, you’ll need a large open area about 200×200 blocks in size (don’t need to measure yet, just approximate).

Tip: You can use explosives to eliminate it quickly. Dynamite and Sticky Dynamite are two of the best in the game.

Next you want to create a row of Pearlstone about 200 blocks long.

Example of what to do with Pearlstone / Terraria
Example of what to do with the Pearlstone

Now you want to measure 50 blocks above and 50 blocks below the Pearlstone row and end up creating a large box. You can do this by actually creating a frame with blocks around the area.

Once that’s done, you’ll want to erase everything inside, leaving a large open area.

Map view of an example of the large open space needed for the farm/terraria
Map view of an example of the large open area required for the farm

Note: You don’t need to make a big box, it just helps with measuring. If you’re sure the space has the right dimensions, skip this step.

The next step is to create the actual growing area.

This should be done in the center of your large Pearlstone platform. Don’t worry about finding the exact center point, just approximate.

For this you want to create two stairs and a space between them.

There are no exact dimensions to follow. The purpose of the stairs is to trap the enemies, so just use a reasonable height.

In the image below, the stairs are 12 × 12 blocks and the open space is 12 blocks long.

Example of the enemy trap part of the farm / terraria
Example of the enemy trap part of the farm

Now use the lava bucket in the room.

Enemies will now burn if they fall into it.

Skeleton Archer falls into the lava/Terraria
Skeleton archer falling into the lava

The next part of the farm is the space below. There you will stand so that enemies will try to go to you, but instead fall into the lava.

There are no specific dimensions for the room, but the interior space must be at least 7 blocks high.

Place the chair and table on the floor. Use the trapdoor for the entrance, not wooden platforms.

Example of what the room should look like / terrariums
Example of what the room should look like

The next step is to create a wooden platform under the lava to stand on and attract enemies.

This is where the frog leg accessory comes into play. Chaos Elementals will stop spawning if you haven’t moved for 5 seconds.

With Frog Legs, you can simply hold down the jump button to jump further and bypass the movement parameter.

The farm after the platform is placed / terrariums
The farm after the platform is placed

Note: Break the background wall in the area where the platform is. Chaos Elementals will stop spawning when you are in front of a wall.

The last step is the bed. They will die from Hallowed Mimics and Enchanted Swords as they can go through blocks.

By placing the bed and setting your respawn point under the farm, you can instantly return to the platform by holding the jump button.

Character jumps back into position after death / Terraria
Character jumps back into position after death

Advanced Tips

When the Skeleton Merchant is present, Chaos Elementals’ spawn rate is reduced, meaning you have to kill him whenever he spawns.

This is also the case with Hallowed Mimics.

An easy way to avoid this problem is to use Arrow Traps. Place three on either side of the farm.

Example of the placement of the arrow traps, indicated by the arrows / terrariums
Example of arrow trap placement, indicated by the arrows

What you want to do next is press it. This can be achieved by placing actuators on it, connecting each side to a switch with a wire, and then turning the switch.

If you did it right, you should be able to walk through them. Go ahead and remove the actuators and wire up now.

To activate the traps you need a timer. A 1 second timer or less works well.

Just connect the traps to a timer and they should trigger at a constant interval.

Arrow Traps are associated with a 1/4 second timer indicated by the Arrow/Terraria
Arrow traps connected to a 1/4 second timer indicated by the arrow

This kills Skeleton Merchants and activates Hallowed Mimics.

The Hallowed Mimics will move through the blocks and kill you, but they will despawn immediately afterward and the Frog Legs will allow you to quickly reposition yourself. How to Farm The Rod of Discord Efficiently (Terraria) – FandomSpot


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