How to Explore the Bottom of the Well (A Strange Story in Konda)

Genshin Impact players can learn how to well unlock Konda Village in the “Strange Story in Konda” side quest in this short guide.

When The Genshin effect player to Inazuma, there are loads of side quests and activities for them to explore and complete. One of the first series of side quests The Genshin effect player can encounter is “The Strange Story in Konda.”

In this side quest, The Genshin effect The player is tasked with uncovering the secret that the villagers of Konda are trying to hide. To start the side quest, go to the Konda village waypoint and talk to Kazari.

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After talking to Kazari, the player must use Electro . character’s ability/explosion on the fox statue. Using this ability activates the statue and grants the player a “ward” allowing them to progress further in the quest.


Once the player has acquired the ward, they must then go to Konda and interview the locals in the village about any strange events. To continue the quest, talk to Futaba, Konda Densuke, Takeru, and Saimon Eri.

After talking to each of the aforementioned villagers, players will now have three clues regarding the strange events they must investigate. The three locations the player must investigate include a cart north of Konda, a barrel in the river to the east, and a well behind Konda Densuke’s house.

good coin bag

Players will receive clues as they investigate each site. After completing each investigation, return to Konda Densuke, and submit each clue received from each investigation location.

Once the player has confronted Konda Densuke with the evidence, they must then retrieve his diary lying on the roof of his house. The diary will reveal the key to open the well located in an abandoned house east of Konda.

At this location, the player must first defeat a small group of thieves before they can dig up the abandoned house to get the “old key”.

important position

Go back to the well, and interact with the lock with the old key. After the well has been opened, the player can go down to it.

Once inside, the player will find a exquisite chest and a breakable wall on the right. After breaking the wall, continue down the long corridor before reaching a large room.

In the large room, the player must interact with the electronic summoner to overcome the purple barrier.

After overcoming the purple barrier, the player will reach a large Tori Gate. Interact with the small shrine in front of the gate and purify it with the ward obtained at the start of the quest.

wards and shrines

To complete The Genshin effect Riddle The player must arrange the shrines in the order in which they appear on the constellation from bottom to top. Once the player has arranged the shrines in order from 1-5, pray at the original shrine one last time to trigger a mini boss battle.

tori gate puzzle

After completing the boss fight, the player will complete this first part of the side quest sequence. However, before exiting the well, the player should make sure to obtain the “rusty key” located behind the purple fence east of the Tori gate as it will be required later in the quest chain.

important position

The Genshin effect available for Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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