How to evolve Combee into Vespiquen

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In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, trainers have a variety of ways to catch Pokemon that go beyond wild encounters. In Diamond / Pearl, certain Pokemon can only be caught using the Honey Trees scattered around Sinnoh. This mechanic makes a profit in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls. However, a new feature called Grand Underground makes encountering Honey Tree-exclusive Pokemon much easier.

Most bug-type Pokemon aren’t known for their strength or average stats, but there are a few exceptions. Pokemon Vespiquen is a Bug/Flying-type Pokemon with High Defense and Special Defense. However, The only way to get Vespiquen is to evolve a female Combee.


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Where to find and develop Combee

Pokemon TCG Combee Card Art 3

There are two different ways to get Combee in Brilliant Diamonds / Shining Pearls: Honey Trees and the Grand Underground.

Unfortunately, just catching Combee isn’t enough. If Combee is male, it cannot evolve. Which means if coaches want Vespiquen, they’ll need to keep trying until they catch a female Combee. Combee’s male:female ratio is 87.5%, 12.5%. The difference between female and male Combee is female wedge-shaped red forehead; Men’s combos don’t have this.

Honey tree

The Honey Tree method is unlocked first. This involves accessing The town of Floroma and get the building key for Valley Windworks. The player will then be redirected to Floroma Meadow and need to defeat two Team Galactic Grunts. Defeating them allows trainers to purchase Honey and apply it to the golden trees around Sinnoh.

It needs 6 hours for Pokemon to appear on Honey Trees. After 24 hours, the player will need to re-fertilize the tree with honey, so make sure to check back in 6 hours passed. Combee has a 22% chance to spawn on a Regular Honey Tree and a 32% chance to spawn on a Rare Honey Tree. Combees encountered on Honey Trees can be anywhere from level 5 to level 15.

Grand Underground

A faster but easier way to get Combee is to search for it in Grand Underground. This won’t be available until later Hiking through the woods of Eterna with Cheryl and to the City of Eterna. Get the Discovery Toolkit from the man next to Pokemon Center to unlock the Grand Underground.

In Grand Underground, there are squares appearing on the Grand Underground Map. This is called a hideout and is a place where Pokemon can be found wandering around. With only the Gym Badge of the City of Oreburgh, Grand Underground Pokemon will be around level 16 and very hard to catch. Bringing along a solid team of Pokemon with at least one can cause illness and multiple Poke Balls.

Combee appears in Meadow Cave and Sunlit Cavern hideout. This way, it’s much easier to check Combee’s gender as the player will be able to see the Pokemon before entering the battle. If the Combee doesn’t have a red forehead, leave the room and return until the female Combee spawns.

To evolve into Vespiquen, Combee needs to reach level 21. Since the Combee in Grand Underground can be as low as level 16 to as high as level 20, the trainer can just give her a rare Candy to raise her from level 20 to 21. If she’s at a lower level, let her fight other Pokemon in the Grand Underground to level up faster.

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More about Combee & Vespiquen

pokemon tcg vespiquen

Combee and Vespiquen are both of the Bug/Flying type, but one is significantly stronger than the other and can become a powerful asset to the team.

Although Combee’s base stats (244) are higher than those of Pokemon like Kricketot or Caterpie, its shallow moves and inability to learn all but one TM doesn’t make it very useful in battle. Combee knows the following moves:

  • Sweet scent
  • Gust
  • Fighting error
  • Bug Bite

Meanwhile, Vespiquen has a total base stats of 474 and will learn various moves to be able to defend it in battle.

Pokemon Base stats Total base stats
Combee HP: 30 244
Attack: 30
Defense: 42
Special attack: 30
Special defense: 42
Speed, velocity: 70
Vespiquen HP: 70 474
Attack: 80
Defense: 102
Special attack: 80
Special defense: 102
Speed, velocity: 40

Both Combee and Vespiquen have the following Efficiency Type:

Strength: Aphids, Grass, Psychic, Shadow, Combat
Weaknesses: Rock (x4), Flying, Fire, Electric, Ice
Resistance: Bugs, Grass, Fighting
Except: Soil

As a bug/fly of two types, Vespiquen and Combee has an extreme weakness for rock movements. Unfortunately, the TMs Vespiquen can learn don’t give it much resistance against Rock types. However, Vespiquen can learn Poison moves such as Mud Bombs that are super effective against Fairy and Grass-type Pokemon.

Since Vespiquen is a Defense Pokemon with lower Speed, it’s best to have Bold (+Def, -Attk) or one Impish (+Def, -Sp.Attk) Nature. Any attribute that lowers Defense / Special Defense Growth is not recommended for Vespiquen.

Finally, Vespiquen has Ability Pressure, which increases a PP using enemy moves. For a Hidden Ability, Vespiquen has Unnerve, prevent an opponent from eating its held Berry. Between the two Skills, Pressure is preferred for Vespiquen as it doesn’t need to rely on the opponent to hold an Item (Berry) to work.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl now available on Nintendo Switch.

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