How to Dip the Basketball (Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy)

It’s so satisfying to roll a basketball into a basket. Boom Chat Kalaka is a fun and easy trophy to earn early on Stray.

This trophy can be found in The Slums before venturing into the sewers and is very easy to spot. Stray Players will see what looks like an obvious trophy opportunity, as a basketball rests on a stairway that lines up perfectly with the opening of a trash can at the bottom of the stairway. To get to this location, first find the Warden who is in front of a sanctuary. This location acts as the main hub of The Slums, so finding it shouldn’t be too difficult.


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When you face the guard, turn right and the players will see the basketball. Players should slowly approach the basketball directly in the center of the rock, pushing it only slightly forward. Players who are also cat owners will finally feel the satisfaction a cat might get from sliding an object over some sort of ledge. The basketball should roll straight down and land in the bucket waiting below. The trophy should appear immediately afterwards. Easy Peasy Catnip Squeezy! If players don’t get this the first time around, fear not as the basketball at the top of the stairs will reset if the game is turned off and loaded again.

Stray has a collection of 25 trophies, some of which are difficult to obtain, but most are of the cute variety. While story trophies populate quite a lot, the majority of trophies are fairly easy to earn. There are several trophies that are easy to stumble upon when simply playing as the cat yourself, such as meowing 100 times. Exploration is key to earning many trophies, so think like a cat and be curious. That being said, the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” is quite necessary in this game for achievement hunters, since dying nine times grants players another trophy, “No More Lives”. At least the developers were kind enough to make dying enjoyable by letting the cat purr through the controller during the death screen.

However, there are a few trophies that require a bit more finesse and patience to achieve, which is still welcome in a game this wonderful and sweet.

Stray is developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. It is now available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Windows. Additionally, Stray will be available for download if players have a subscription to Playstation Plus’ higher tier service.

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