How to defeat Voidspawn

It’s been more than five years since the original release of Stellaris, the 4x larger strategy title from Paradox Interactive. In Stellaris, the player guides an alien civilization from space flight to galactic mastery, facing other cultures, wormholes, and other types of cosmic threats along the way.

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Most dangerous enemies in Stellaris are the Guardians, giant space monsters who can destroy entire battlefields in the late game. Voidspawn is one of the deadliest of these creatures, but with a well-designed or overwhelming fleet, it can be defeated. This is how players can fight Voidspawn and survive.


What is Voidspawn in Stellaris?

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Unlike many of the guardians added in Distant Star Stellaris DLC, Voidspawn does not appear at the start of the game. Instead, it begins to hide in a 20-dimensional Desert, Arid, or Savannah world orbiting a G-Class Star. A civilization inhabiting the planet will receive notice a year later that the world has one. Beat. About nine months later, either the pulse will stop or the planet will expand into Voidspawn.

The newborn Voidspawn has no Shield, but compensates for it with a huge amount of Armor and Helmet. It also only uses Guided weapons, allowing it to deal terrifying amounts of damage while ignoring Shields. Any player who defeats Voidspawn will earn a large amount of Unity, as well as a Stellaris Special project to study the planet egg. This eventually leads to the Gargantuan Evolution Technology, which grants +5% Energy Credits from Employment.

Build a fleet to destroy Voidspawn in Stellaris

Battle Fleet stellaris

Voidspawn’s complete lack of Shield makes Energy weapons are the ideal choice to defeat it, with Plasma Launchers, Lasers, Lances and Particle Launchers are among the best options. Penetration weapons like Disruptors can also be quite effective, as can Explosion and Strike Craft weapons. The worst weapon for a Great Ambitious Strategist against Voidspawn are Kinetic and Anti-Shield.

In terms of defense, the best way to mitigate Voidspawn Weapons with instructions in Stellaris passed Point Defense System and Heavy Armor. Point-Defense-equipped Picket frigates and destroyers will appear in the screen ahead of larger ships, where their fast-firing lasers will be able to destroy incoming projectiles fired by Voidspawn. Since Guardians fire a relatively low amount of high damage bullets, using Escorts as a front can allow small, cheap ships to absorb distractions that could destroy a Cruiser or Ship. war.

Using these tactics and weapons, players will be able to beat Voidspawn with a fleet strength of about 20K. Without a dedicated fleet, players will need 40-50K to have a good chance of killing the Guardian.

Stellaris currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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