How To Defeat Theseus & Asterius

Each boss acts as some sort of roadblock relating to beating Hades. Do not let the streamers who beat the sport on the “first” attempt idiot anyone, they have been working towards in opposition to every encounter for a very long time in earlier playthroughs. And one of many hardest encounters is the one in opposition to Theseus and Asterius.

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A boss battle that makes gamers battle two entities without delay is routinely tough in any sport, however particularly in Hades, the place taking injury and shedding lives provides up. Listed below are some tips about not solely beat this battle, however make it by in a situation adequate to tackle the ultimate boss himself.

Gearing Up

Hades Selecting The Chaos Aspect Aegis

Weapon Aegis
Side Chaos
Souvenir Fortunate Tooth / Pierced Butterfly
Companion Shady

Though the Coronacht is the preferred weapon, and with good motive, it is the perfect shield build that’s excellent for taking up the 2 everlasting mates. Nothing will compete with a Chiron facet bow when it comes to injury, however keep in mind that the DPS of a lifeless Zagreus is zero.

The Aegis will defend Zagreus from injury that’s extraordinarily tough to keep away from with different builds. The injury is not unhealthy both; really, the Chaos facet of the Aegis is probably going second solely to Chiron when it comes to injury. Given an honest boon to Zagreus’ particular, it’s extremely highly effective. Even when the participant hasn’t unlocked this facet or leveled it as much as most but, nonetheless use the Aegis, it is that good in opposition to these two.

Hades Looking At The Lucky Tooth Keepsake

There are a number of superb keepsakes right here, however, at the least early on, it is arduous to argue in opposition to utilizing Skelly’s Fortunate Tooth. It quantities to an additional cost of Demise Defiance, which supplies Zagreus an additional probability after dying in battle to come back again.

After gaining some confidence with the defend, the Pierced Butterfly provides injury each time Zagreus clears an encounter with out taking injury. The Aegis blocks just about something when aimed appropriately, and even a slightly poor gamer will most likely achieve an additional 20%-30% value of injury by the point they run into Theseus and Astorius.

As a companion, whereas Antos is tempting as a result of it offers injury to each bosses, Shady is the higher possibility as a result of the therapeutic it offers immediately interprets to extra time alive and extra injury to opponents. Some of the companions can be tough to unlock, so be sure you select the suitable upgrades by the contractor.

Mirror Of Evening Settings

Hades Ideal Mirror Of Night Bonuses For Taking On Theseus And Asterius

  • Shadow Presence
  • Chthonic Vitality
  • Demise Defiance
  • Larger Reflex
  • Boiling Blood
  • Stygian Soul
  • Deep Pockets
  • Thick Pores and skin
  • Household Favourite
  • Olympian Favor
  • God’s Delight
  • Fated Persuasion

There’s an elevated room for private desire with this construct, however there are just a few staples. Shadow Presence provides additional injury when placing foes from behind and, due to Bull Rush, the construct could have a disproportionate quantity of backstabs.

Cussed Defiance is far weaker than Demise Defiance. Having a number of do-overs on one arduous battle is a lot better than a single do-over on every room. Boiling Blood boosts particular injury in opposition to foes with the forged debuff, which is the first supply of DPS with the Chaos facet.

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Even nice gamers ought to take Thick Pores and skin over Excessive Confidence. An additional little bit of injury when above 80% well being is sweet, however an additional 50 well being is flat-out higher. Not solely will Zagreus be harder to kill, however this permits him to get extra buff injury and selection as a substitute of getting to make use of doorways with Centaur Hearts.

Each diety will be good for Zagreus, however not each buff is true for the construct, so some Fated Persuasion may help out when in want of a brand new set of buffs. Beginners learning about the game will take pleasure in attending to roll into boosting their greatest abilities simply as a lot because the consultants do.

Best Gods And Boons

Hades Choosing The Aphrodite's Aid Call

There actually aren’t many unhealthy selections for a boon. Aphrodite will get the nod for being the most effective deity as a result of appeal forces Asterius or Theseus to assault the opposite one. However most gods will do as Chaos defend is nice for stacking debuffs, Zeus strikes, or Artermis’ assault injury with the particular assault and common assault bonuses apply to bull rush, which will likely be used simply as ceaselessly.

Hades Looking At A Selection Of Chaos Debuffs

Ensure that any boon to Zagreus’ particular has a hearty injury enhance utilized to it. This issues greater than any explicit debuff. There are additionally some nifty Chaos boons to pick up and due to plenty of protection, Zagreus ought to be capable to deal with the injury and debuff related to Chaos.

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Whereas no god is outright ineffective, attempt to keep away from something that turns Zagreus’ forged into an space of impact. Ares and Dionysus are examples of this; the injury is okay, nevertheless it will not give Zagreus the 50% injury enhance (at most rank) gained from Boiling Blood.

Dealing With Asterius

Hades Charging Up A Bull Rush To Get Through Asterius

Astorius’ strikes will be simplified into three fundamental assaults:

  • Axe Swing: Asterius swings his axe twice in a large arc in entrance of him.
  • Leap: Asterius leaps into the air and leaps towards Zagreus, dealing injury if he connects on the hit. He can repeat this assault as much as two extra instances. When beneath 50% well being, Asterius additionally unleashes a hoop of injury that waves out from his touchdown level.
  • Bull Rush: Asterius sprints at Zagreus, locking on on his place. If he comes into contact with a wall or pillar, he turns into surprised and takes injury. If he hits Zagreus, he’ll cease and do excessive injury as a substitute. When beneath 50% well being, Asterius additionally unleashes a hoop of injury that waves out from his contact level.

All the time begin by attacking Asterius first and leaving Theseus alone. The worst factor that may occur is that each get beneath 50% on the identical time and their strikes are quicker and improved on the identical time. Asterius is the higher choice to kill first as a result of he defaults to charging Zagreus. Sprint to the other finish of the sector from Theseus and hold a pillar between Zagreus and Theseus. This permits the participant to disregard Thesus utterly till Asterius is down.

Hades Hitting Asterius With A Chaos Shield

Aegis makes this easy. Cost up a bull rush, purpose towards Asterius, and, when he is not dealing injury, let go and cost straight by him. Instantly observe this up with a particular assault, then start charging up the following bull rush. The defend will block the realm of impact rings from his strikes beneath 50%. It actually is that this straightforward, made even simpler with a good boon selection.

Dealing With Theseus

Hades Blocking Theseus' Spin Attack With A Bull Rush

Asterius has many strikes, however solely three that may happen when preventing Asterius away from him:

  • Spin: Theseus performs a spin assault centered on himself, dealing injury if he hits Zagreus. He’ll cost in Zagreus’ route as he spins.
  • Throw: A crosshair will seem on Zagreus. After a delay, he throws his spear. He can then recall the spear again at any time, which additionally offers injury whereas returning. This may be dodged or blocked with pillars.
  • Olympian Assist: This transfer can solely be triggered when Theseus is beneath 50% of his well being. A number of space of impact spells will seem on the bottom and detonate after a short delay, dealing injury. Theseus additionally applies a debuff if he hits Zagreus personally. This debuff adjustments primarily based on the god whose support he enlists.

Theseus can throw Asterius or create an enormous ring of injury when preventing round Asterius. To negate these strikes from the equation, at all times battle on the other finish of the realm from Theseus till Asterius is lifeless.

This leaves solely two strikes that Theseus can use, each of which will be blocked by holding onto bull rush and dealing with him.

Hades Taking Away Most Of Theseus' Health With Aphrodite's Call

When he hits beneath 50%, he lastly will get a transfer that may really hit a Zagreus outfitted with the Aegis. The Aegis can block these space of impact spells, too, as long as it’s aimed towards the middle of the detonation. That is the right time to make use of a completely charged name; Aphrodite’s will take away nearly all of his remaining well being, leaving the participant only a few hits wanted till mopping up Theseus.

The right legendary boon could make this go even quicker, however this technique will work with even the worst of luck and minimal upgrades. With sufficient observe, it is attainable to win the battle with out shedding any well being in any respect, leaving gamers greater than ready to take care of the ultimate boss.

Hades was launched on December 6, 2018, and is offered on PC, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Sequence X/S.

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