How to Defeat the Lost Sentry

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Appears very different from before Solar ash boss, the Lost Sentry is tall instead of long, and also possesses a deadly ranged attack that can make approaching them dangerous. Lost Sentry is the third boss that the player can encounter in the game, although it looks different from the previous 2 bosses, one will still have to defeat them by climbing on their large bodies and hitting their weak points.

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As such, one would have to use the methods they had taken against previous bosses, namely grappling, skating, and power-ups along the enemy’s massive body. However, Lost Sentry’s arms and torso are a bit difficult to navigate. Thankfully, there are a few tricks that gamers can keep in mind to make defeating this boss easier in the game Solar ash.

Step 1 – How to climb the lost island

Lost Sun Ashes Attack Sentinel Lasers

Location of the initial grapple points

Unlike previous bosses, the grapple points the player needs to use to climb the boss’ body are not always available. The starting weakness one needs to face is staying on one of the Lost Sentry’s arms at all times, however, the boss raises their arms in the air quite often, meaning the player will have to wait for them down before the attack can begin. . Try to stick around so that when the arms come down, people can rush towards them and start struggling. Regardless of how much Health the boss has left, the initial grappling point of each attack will be on top of one of its arms.

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How to avoid lasers

Staying close to the boss while not being hit can be a bit tricky, as the Losy Sentry will frequently use a powerful laser attack that not only has great tracking, but leaves small puddles of substance. Nearby corrosive liquid can also injure the player. Acid puddles can be avoided fairly easily, as they don’t stick around for too long. The big problem, though, is that the laser itself can’t penetrate walls, so shielding is a solid option to avoid being hit. Alternatively, the player can use his gliding and acceleration to zoom around fast enough to outrun the laser, although this is a risky move.

Step 2 – Destroy the Weaknesses

the sun ash player climbs the lost sentry

Boss body layout

This is where Lost Sentry is more like the previous bosses than in Solar ash. The act of breaking down all the small weaknesses to open up the big ones should be straightforward with the player. However, the placement of the bone patches on the Lost Sentry’s body would require one to go back and forth between the many areas multiple times rather than running along the back of a zigzag pattern in a straight line.

How to avoid disorientation

Therefore, players should be prepared to spin and return, which can disorient you at first. A good way to avoid confusion is to keep rotating in the same direction while changing the position the camera is looking at. That means players should only pan the camera left or right during this boss fight, as sticking to one direction will help avoid disorientation.

About phase 2

As with other bosses, when Lost Sentry loses 2 of its 3 Health, it will enter phase 2. This phase will include the Lost Sentry’s body turning red hence any contact with any boss. anything other than its skeleton will cause the player to lose the shield. cabinet. Furthermore, the speed at which all weak points need to be hit is increased, so a person will need to stand firm. Despite the increased difficulty, everything else remains the same as in the previous stage, so players should continue to do the same as before – only faster.

Solar ash available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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