How to Defeat Mega Aerodactyl in Pokemon GO Raid Guide

Pokemon GO has been regularly adding new Mega Evolution Pokemon to the mix and now the newest Pokemon has arrived with Mega Aerodactyl and here we are with its weak point and best practices to use against it.

Mega Aerodactyl is one of the few Gen 1 Pokemon whose Mega Evolutions were not added Pokemon GO not yet.

This one is sure to be highly sought after as well, as it will now be one of the strongest Rock attackers in the upcoming raids.

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Legendary Pokémon Arceus | Hisuian Voltorb .’s trailer



Legendary Pokémon Arceus | Hisuian Voltorb .’s trailer





Every weakness of Mega Aerodactyl in Pokemon GO

Some Mega Evolved Pokemon have the exact same typing as the original, while some other Pokemon get new typing, such as Mega Charizard X getting a new typing. However, the Mega Aerodactyl remains the same as before, keeping the exact same Rock/Flying typing as its basic form.

The good news here is that none of the moves are Super effective against both Kick and Fly, but there’s still a lot of weakness as a result of the two styles.

Specifically, Mega Aerodactyl will be weak to Ice, Electric, Water, Rock, and Steel moves. Also, the moves you’ll want to avoid using are Ground, Flight, Fire, Poison, Bug, and Normal moves.

How to Defeat Mega Aerodactyl – The Best Strike and Counter Guide

With the aforementioned weaknesses of Mega Aerodactyl, there are many options for you to choose to defeat it in Mega Raids.

Interestingly, one of the best tools for Mega Aerodactyl is Aerodactyl with Rock Throw and Rock Slide. Rhyperior and Tyranitar are two others whose Rock moves like Smack Down are really useful to use.

Any good Water like Swampert, Blastoise and Gyarados are good choices with moves like Water Gun or Waterfall and Hydraulic Cannon or Hydraulic Pump.

Manectric, Raikou, Zapdos, and Magnezone are great choices for Electric attacks like Thunder Fang or Thunder Shock and Wild Charge or Thunderbolt.

You can also throw Ice types like Abomasnow or Mamoswine with moves like Powder Snow and Weather Ball or Avalanche, as well as Steel types like Metagross with Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash.

In addition to these basic Pokemon, using the Mega or Shadow versions of the listed Pokemon is always recommended to defeat the fastest Mega Aerodactyl in these raids.

How many trainers does it take to beat it?

Mega Aerodactyl is certainly not the most spongy Pokemon to fight in raids, but it’s not a boost either. Since it is a Mega Raid, you should have no less than four trainers to join the Mega Aerodactyl.

While it might be just three people, you need to have three best friends with best friends to stand a chance, which may not be enough. Instead, you should go with four to five people and there may be more opportunities.

The more people you attract, the quicker you’ll take down the Mega Aerodactyl, which means more Premier Balls to try and catch it in the end.

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