How to defeat Forgotten Thresher

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The second boss in Solar ash was the Forgotten Thresher, a giant whale-like flying monster. This monster made of black slime and giant bones will fly around tall buildings in the second area of ​​the game. Players will have to board it from below, similar to how they defeated the first boss in the game: Crater Ouroboros. However, Forgotten Thresher has a more explosive defense mechanism than the previous boss.

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The underside of the Forgotten Thresher will occasionally rain on explosives that will explode when they hit the ground. Avoiding these things can be difficult, but so is running on the boss’s back to hit their weak point. Thankfully, there are a few things to keep in mind that can make this happen Solar ash boss fights easier.


Step 1 – Grapple Onto Forgotten Thresher

The sun ash struggles on the forgotten threshing machine

Where & How to Wrestle with the Boss

The only real way to the boss is to wrestle. To grapple, press the R1 button if using PlayStation remote controll. Furthermore, players can increase the range they can grapple by using the Circle button to activate the timeskip ability. Timeskip also slows down time for a short amount of time, making it easy to organize your footage. The point of struggle to attach the boss is located below the central part of its body, close to where the bomb is coming from.

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About Bomb Attack and how to avoid it

Be wary of approaching the Forgotten Thresher from below, as it will occasionally drop bombs from its underside. These explosives will cause the player to lose their shield each time they are hit. To avoid being hit by these bombs, it’s best to approach Forgotten Thresher’s grappling point from the side instead of running there while under the boss’s body.

Can you get to the top of the forgotten dam by jumping off a building?

Some players may think that the surrounding buildings can help you get to the boss’s weak point faster, however, this is not possible. The player must initiate each attack against the Forgotten Thresher by grappling with a weak point below its body. Therefore, jumping on its back from a building will not allow the player to find any weak points.

Step 2 – Mark Forgotten Thresher’s main weakness 3 times

Forgotten thresher thresher solar ash phase 2

About the weak point

Like with all bosses in Solar ash, the player will have to hit the main weakness of the Forgotten Thresher 3 times, however, the player will need to access it by hitting more of the weak points first. These weaker spots appear as light green poles, which need to be hit by melees (Square Button) attacks and airborne blobs, which need to be hit by grappling with them (R1).

How to hit each weak point quickly

Players will have to run along the monster’s back to attack each small weak point, however, there is a timer that continuously counts down. If it takes too long to hit the weak point and the timer runs out, a wave of energy will flood the boss’s body. This attack resets the player to the nearest checkpoint and removes 1 charge shield. Players can move faster by skating (L2) and increasing force (R2) through the bone plates.

About Phase 3

After taking 2 of the boss’s 3 Health, Forgotten Thresher will enter phase 2, causing them to turn mostly red. If the player now touches any part of the boss’s body except the white bone plates, they will be reset to the most recent checkpoint and will lose a shield tile.

Solar ash available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5.

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