How to defeat every boss in Valheim

Valheim‘s thrilling journey lets gamers courageous an unlimited world and defeat a variety of monsters and creatures. You’ll be able to spend your time exploring the areas the world has to supply or creating huge castles and villages for you and your mates to get pleasure from. 

If you wish to enhance your gear and instruments, although, you should defeat 5 totally different bosses, and a few points of the sport aren’t obtainable till you beat these formidable foes. Every boss battle requires barely totally different ways and preparation, however taking the bosses down is simple as soon as you already know what you want.

Right here’s a breakdown of easy methods to defeat each boss in Valheim and the way it’s best to put together. 


Eikthyr is the primary boss you may summon in Valheim. His summoning space is within the Meadows biome, comparatively near your beginning location. This huge stag drops the Exhausting Antlers merchandise, which helps you to mine ore and achieve entry to stronger instruments, weapons, and objects. Beating Eikthyr will be difficult for brand spanking new gamers, although, so put together accordingly. 

Gamers should set down two deer trophies on Eikthyr’s altar to summon him. Deer trophies often drop after killing a deer, so maintain searching till you purchase two. Eikthyr is the strongest enemy most gamers will encounter at this level within the sport, though it’s potential to take him down with the right setup. 

Earlier than summoning Eikthyr, be sure you have a set of armor and weapons. Crafting a full set of Leather-based Armor requires 22 deer hides and 5 Bone Fragments. Deer cover drops from slain deer, and one- or two-star deers will drop a number of hides. Bone Fragments can seem in troll caves within the Black Forest, which is perhaps too harmful for brand spanking new gamers. Think about mining Stone Graves and Viking Graveyards within the Meadows since Bone Fragments may seem in these factors of curiosity. 

Gamers must also craft at the very least one melee weapon earlier than preventing Eikthyr. A membership or spear are wonderful choices since they go effectively with a defend—a device that may block most of Eikthyr’s assaults and prevent quite a lot of effort and time. If you happen to desire to maintain your distance, craft a bow and dozens of arrows to maintain Eikthyr at bay. 

Eikthyr has three totally different assaults: a ranged assault that shoots lightning from his antlers, an up-close stomping assault, and a ram assault. Don’t be scared of those assaults. You’ll be able to block them together with your defend and roll out of the best way to keep away from taking harm. Persistently damaging Eikthyr between his assaults ought to mean you can defeat him rapidly, particularly if a number of gamers are concerned. 

After defeating Eikthyr, make sure that to select up the Exhausting Antlers and Eikthyr trophy. The Exhausting Antlers allow you to craft an Antler Pickaxe. You’ll be able to place the trophy on the sacrificial stones and entry the Eikthyr Energy, which reduces stamina loss from sprinting and leaping. 

The Elder

The subsequent boss in Valheim is The Elder, a big bipedal tree creature summoned in a Black Forest biome. Runestones in a Burial Chamber can reveal The Elder’s spawning location, or gamers can uncover it by exploring. You will have three Historical Seeds to summon the boss. These drop from Greydwarf brutes and shamans, spawn in chests, and are a assured drop when destroying Greydwarf nests. 

It’s important to craft the perfect gear obtainable earlier than going through The Elder, particularly if enjoying solo. After beating Eikthyr, gamers can mine Copper and Tin and craft bronze armor. A full set of bronze armor, weapons, and instruments will make touring by way of the Black Forest simpler and put together you for The Elder. Ranged assaults additionally work effectively in opposition to the boss, so come outfitted with loads of Hearth Arrows and a bow. 

Like Eikthyr, The Elder has three predominant assaults: a melee stomp assault, a ranged vine assault, and the flexibility to summon roots that assault close by enemies. Whereas these skills can deal vital harm, it’s simple to keep away from them. 

The Elder’s summoning space options a number of pillars that present wonderful cowl from ranged assaults. Bear in mind to maneuver between cowl when The Elder summons hostile Roots, which disappear after a brief interval. 

Gamers can battle The Elder up shut and private, however his stomp covers a big space and will be devastating. The most effective technique when preventing The Elder is to bombard him with Hearth Arrows from a distance for the reason that boss is weak to fireplace. This battle can take a major period of time by your self, however it must be comparatively simple with a number of gamers. 

Gamers must also craft a Cauldron earlier than going through The Elder to make Minor therapeutic potions for emergencies. These things are simple to make, and gamers can create them with objects discovered within the Meadows. Additionally, keep away from straying too far into the Black Forest throughout the boss battle because it might appeal to dwarves and different creatures within the space. 

The Elder at all times drops one trophy and a Swamp Key. Gamers can set down The Elder trophy on the summoning stone to unlock the Forsaken Energy, which grants the flexibility to deal 60% extra harm to timber with an axe for 5 minutes. The Swamp Secret’s a reusable merchandise that opens swamp crypts in Swamp biomes. Gamers can discover Scrap Iron in these crypts, granting entry to the iron age. 


Bonemass is the third boss in Valheim, however he’s arguably probably the most troublesome. This huge toxic blob is immune to a number of varieties of harm and may simply kill unprepared gamers. Understanding his weaknesses and what objects work finest offers you an edge on the battle, although.

Bonemass’ summoning location is within the Swamp biome, and gamers can reveal it by discovering runestones in swamp crypts or exploring. You will have ten Withered Bones to summon Bonemass, which additionally seem in crypts. 

Preparation is significant for the Bonemass boss battle, and summoning the boss and not using a full set of iron armor and weapons can simply imply failure. Not like earlier bosses, nevertheless, a sword and bow aren’t efficient, so you need to take the battle to him.

Bonemass is susceptible to blunt harm, so an Iron Mace or Iron Sledge are your finest choices. Fortunately, crypts often provide a full stack of Scrap Iron, and crafting a full set of armor and instruments is simple.  

However weapons and armor are solely a part of the beneficial loadout. Bonemass can deal vital poison harm, which might simply kill a totally armored player. Poison resistance meads are virtually a requirement to defeat Bonemass, particularly if it’s your first time taking down the boss. Having a full stack of poison resistance meads shouldn’t be a foul concept since it would additionally make traversing the Swamp biome simpler. 

After you have the beneficial loadout to face Bonemass, prepare for an intense battle. Bonemass’ close-range melee assault offers blunt and poison harm, and it’s best to keep away from it in any respect prices. Blocking this assault will probably stagger a player, so contemplate rolling or operating out of the best way. 

Bonemass additionally summons minions all through the battle, throwing a glob that transforms into skeletons or blobs. It’s simple to take care of these creatures in small numbers, however keep away from letting them overpopulate and turning into a major challenge. 

Considered one of Bonemass’ strongest skills is his poison cloud assault. It releases a poisonous gasoline that toxins every thing within the surrounding areas, and it will possibly simply kill gamers with out poison resistance. Keep away from it in any respect prices. The boss telegraphs this assault by leaning again, and gamers who concentrate can escape. Bonemass heals all through the battle, so keep aggressive to stop a protracted and tedious battle. It’s potential to finish the battle alone, however it’s a troublesome course of. 

Bonemass drops a trophy and a Wishbone, which permits gamers to seek out secrets and techniques like muddy scrap piles, Silver veins, and Buried Treasure. Gamers can put the trophy on the sacrificial stone to achieve a Forsaken energy that gives resistance to blunt, slash, and pierce harm. 


Moder is the fourth boss in Valheim and the primary to introduce a flying mechanic. This huge dragon seems within the Mountain Biome and requires three dragon eggs to spawn. The preparation is perhaps the hardest a part of this boss battle, however it is going to be value it ultimately. 

Gamers want to seek out three dragon eggs to summon Moder, and so they solely spawn in Mountain biomes. The eggs are the heaviest objects in Valheim, with a weight of 200 models. A player can carry as much as 450 models if they’ve Megingjord outfitted, that means they will haul a max of two eggs. Gamers can’t teleport them both and should transport them to the summoning space by hand.

The Mountain biome additionally options the freezing debuff, which can kill gamers with out the right armor or meads. Gamers can craft a frost resistance mead in a Cauldron or kill wolves to craft a set of Wolf armor. Both choice is a requirement to face Molder. 

Fortunately for gamers, Molder is a comparatively simple boss battle, particularly in comparison with Bonemass. She will be able to assault from the air or floor, however her skills are simple to keep away from after studying their patterns. Whereas within the air, Molder can assault with ice projectiles that deal 200 factors of frost harm, so contemplate having frost potions available to assist keep alive. 

Molder may carry out a swipe assault along with her claws whereas on the bottom or a biting assault that does the identical harm. Gamers can count on a frost breathe assault that does a substantial quantity of frost harm, and avoiding it’s key. Molder is resistant to frost harm, so contemplate different choices on this battle. 

After beating Molder, gamers will obtain a trophy and ten Dragon Tears. The tears serve to create an Artisan desk, which permits gamers to craft a number of new objects. Putting the Molder trophy on the sacrificial stone grants the flexibility to vary the route of the wind whereas crusing. 


Yagluth is the ultimate boss in Valheim and is a terrifying, crawling monstrosity. Gamers want Fuling Totems to spawn Yagluth, which seem in Fuling villages or dropped by Fuling Berserkers. Gamers can spawn this boss within the Plains biome, in areas resembling Stonehenge, and studying runestones or exploring can present the best way to the spot. 

Yagluth is a gradual enemy, however his highly effective assaults make up for his lack of pace. Gamers ought to come outfitted with the perfect armor potential and should put together for hearth harm. At this level within the sport, gamers ought to have entry to Silver and Blackmetal swords, that are wonderful selections for this battle. 

Gamers must also carry a stack of fireplace resistance bartlett wine, which can assist negate a few of the hearth harm from Yagluth. If you wish to battle the boss from a distance, contemplate crafting Frost arrows to deal vital harm. 

Yagluth’s proper hand will glow blue simply earlier than he slams the bottom, dealing appreciable harm to every thing within the space. This assault is unblockable, and hearth will stay within the space of impact, dealing harm over time. 

Yagluth may also summon a meteor bathe by lifting his red-glowing left hand, inflicting stones to crash from the sky. Anybody within the touchdown space of the rocks will take harm, however it’s simple to keep away from them. 

Lastly, Yagluth may also breathe a straight line of fireplace and rotate in the direction of the player. The person harm shouldn’t be sufficient to kill a player, however consecutive hits can imply dying. Every assault is avoidable, so be taught Yagluth’s sign and keep alive.

Defeating Yagluth grants the Yagluth trophy. Gamers can place it on the sacrificial stone to obtain a resistance to fireplace, first and lightning. | How one can defeat each boss in Valheim


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