How to defeat Boss Enoch at the mouth of the river

Part of the appeal of roguelikes is their punitive nature, stripping players of their progress and forcing them to start over when they lose. It seems strange to combine this recipe with a home mechanic, but that’s exactly what Rogue Legacy 2 do.

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Estuary Enoch is one of the hardest bosses in Rogue Legacy 2, thanks in large part to his unpredictability. With so many attacks, some of which have random trajectories or distances, it can be difficult to keep up with everything the Stygian Research scholar has to offer. With preparation and hard work, he can be beaten. Here’s everything a player needs to know to do it.


How to prepare for Enoch estuary

Estuary Enoch lurks in Stygian Research, and will quickly catch unprepared players. He is one of the game’s most unpredictable bosses and requires precise moves to avoid his attacks, which can make defeating it challenging. To open the door to Enoch’s room, the player must defeat two small bosses. These are the Heads of the Void Beast and the Whisper of the Void Monster, which can be found in separate rooms in Research.

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Not planning for war is a common mistake. To prepare for battle, go to the easternmost room of Stygian Research and read the memory inside. To access the memory, press the interactive button near the cliff and a bridge will appear. Reading memory grants +15% damage to Enoch, makes boss fighting much easier.

Maneuverability and speed are key to winning this battle. Classes like Archer and Gunslinger are good choices, as are Duelists and Assassins.

Stage one in the fight with Boss Enoch estuary

In the early stages of the war, Estuary Enoch had six waves of attacks. The first is an attack where he tries to grab the player, which is easy to avoid as long as the player stays away from the walls. Enoch’s second attack marks the player’s location and creates a laser in the area for eight seconds. Move to either edge of the room to avoid it.

When the boss summons small Void orbs, wait for them to converge and then dash through them to dodge. The boss’s fourth attack fires projectiles of fire in all directions. Be wary, as the attack ends with a wave of Void bullets that the player can dash through.

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His fifth attack causes massive explosions around the room that can damage the player and create Curse projectiles. Destroy these projectiles with an attack, Spin Kick, or a useful talent. In Enoch’s final attack of this phase, he self-ignites an explosion around himself and fires a wave of flaming projectiles at the player.

The best time to attack Enoch is between his attacks, dashing to escape before his next wave begins. The Wind Wall spell is especially useful in battle as it can destroy any boss projectile. Once reduced to 50% HP, Estuary Enoch will summon four Void Orbs that orbit him. Players can flip through these.

Defeating Enoch causes a fake chest to appear. This begins the next phase of the war.

The second stage of the battle with Boss Enoch estuary

True Estuary Enoch has three attacks. During his first attack, Enoch spewed explosive bottles in an arc from his mouth. Maintain distance from him. This is one of the boss’s most dangerous attacks because the trajectory of the bottle is random and hard to avoid. When Enoch is spitting the bottle, focus on dodging rather than dealing damage.

During the second attack, Enoch runs around dropping poisonous coins. To avoid them, use jumps and javelins or attacks that send your character flying (such as an Archer’s arrow) to stay in the air until the coin disappears.

For a final attack, Enoch jumps around the room. The size of the jumps varies, so it’s important to be alert and ready to move at all times. If Enoch pushes the player with his back against a wall, diving under him when he makes a large jump can bring the player to safety and open the boss to grab the player’s weapon to attack.

Rogue Legacy 2 available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. How to defeat Boss Enoch at the mouth of the river


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