How to create 3d animation for your video?

3d animation is a complex multicomponent visualization method used to create videos of various orientations, websites, computer games and multimedia presentations. Nowadays with explainer video maker can be created modern projects.

The possibilities of animated video are almost endless, because it allows you to demonstrate even non-existent objects from all angles – for example, buildings that have not yet been built. The creation of 3D animation is a rather expensive service, since the process itself requires a long stage-by-stage work and the participation of top-class professionals. The specialists have mastered 3d animation to perfection, which is clearly illustrated by the animation videos we have already made.

An animated video is the result of serious work that starts with coming up with an idea and ends with a post-production stage. After the idea is formed, work begins on the script and storyboard. The creation of 3d models for the animation is one of the main links in the process. There is the development of animation for each of them, the definition of the background, effects, etc. In the center of attention is the realism of 3D characters. Here is taken into account the movements, facial expressions and other small features. The perception of animation videos largely depends on this, besides. The best indicator of the professionalism of a 3d animator is the fact that video is successful. Next, the stage of creating 3D animation begins, which can include a storyboard based on simplified layouts (animatic). The most difficult part of the work is production and post-production – video editing, dubbing, applying effects, etc.

One of the most demanded services is architectural 3d animation. This is a process of spectacular detailed visualization of both existing real estate objects and houses and cottages that are still in the project. Architectural 3d animation allows potential clients to visually present all the advantages of these objects, and to investors – to demonstrate the appearance and internal arrangement of the building after the project is completed. Such opportunities are provided only by animated video, therefore the number of clients ordering the creation of 3D animation from our studio is constantly growing.

And here another question arises: where to get all the details for creation of

3D animation creation process

There are many ways to carry out the process of creating a 3D model. Into consideration are taken many aspects, which are important to create the whole picture. The main stages of preparing 3D graphics involve:

  • modeling;
  • texturing;
  • animation;
  • render.

In addition to the main stages associated with 3D objects, there are separate stages that the command follows, including:

  • comprehending and creating a storyboard;
  • production of 3d models;
  • texturing;
  • setup of camera and lightning;
  • rendering;
  • compilation and application of special effects;
  • music, foley and editing;
  • the final result.

Most people interested in 3D technology do not understand how much time, money and effort it takes to develop high-quality animated videos. But those who look with more attention at the video production process, will definitely see that many professionals. Behind this process there are art directors, concept artists, character designers, 3D modelers, animators, technical artists, screenwriters, sound engineers, and others. So it’s a complicated process which has to be in the center of attention.

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