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Steel Sheets are created by combining Iron Ingots and Carbon Powder in the Forge, where the material is melted and hammered into shape by Stella.

Once crafted, these sheets of steel are particularly useful for completing a variety of ship upgrades and ghost requests.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll need for this article:

material purpose
iron ingot ingredient
carbon powder ingredient
Wrought Used to craft Steel Sheet
foundry Used to craft Iron Ingots
crusher Used to make charcoal powder

If you’re looking for a more detailed step-by-step guide, this guide will tell you everything you need to know from start to finish.

What you need (requirements)

As mentioned above, you need to make the steel sheets yourself by combining these two elements:

However, these two items cannot simply be picked up from the map. You also have to make them yourself, and it can be a bit tricky.

So, to avoid confusion, let’s tackle them one at a time.

Step 1: Collect the Iron Ingot

Iron ore is mined from nodes on islands, and you can find these special nodes at:

  • Hoseki Quarry (X: -138, Y: 28)
  • Crow’s End Inc. (X: -126, Y: -51)
  • Hidden Thicket (X: -42, Y: -91)
  • Southpoint Docks (X 157, Y: 22)

Hoseki Quarry is the easiest of these four places to visit. Also, it has four nodes that you can mine while every other location only has one.

Note: If you’ve already unlocked the Turtle Sisters at this point, you can also “plant” iron ore into their shells to mine later.

Once you’ve mined the nodes, it’s time to build the foundry. You will first need the Albert’s Shipyard Tinker Blueprint Upgrade (X:61, Y:64) which requires:

  • 2 maple logs
  • 1 limestone
  • 400 Glims

Then the foundry itself will need:

Take turns pressing the bellows while maintaining the temperature gauge to complete the Foundry minigame/Spiritfarer
Take turns pressing the bellows while maintaining the temperature gauge to complete the foundry mini-game.

Once the foundry is built, go inside and interact with the machine to start the mini-game.

Although it may seem difficult at first, it’s easy once you get the hang of it. Just place your iron ore in the compartment, put some coal in the furnace, and take turns squeezing the bellows.

Do this while keeping the temperature gauge within range and you’ll see the temperature increase until it reaches the peak, releasing Iron Ingots.

Note: If you need a more detailed breakdown of this process, check out the Foundry Minigame section of our guide to learn how to get glass in Spiritfarer.

Step 2: Collect Charcoal Powder

Next comes the charcoal powder, which requires two things:

Coal is easy to find as it can be mined in the same locations where you previously mined Iron Ore. You can also find coal in floating boxes.

Alternatively, if you already have a sawmill, you can turn the sawdust you get every time you saw logs into charcoal in the kitchen.

You can also make charcoal by cooking sawdust in the kitchen/spiritfarer
You can also make charcoal by cooking sawdust in the kitchen.

As for the crusher, the building will be introduced to you by the ghosts Bruce & Mickey after you recruit them onto the ship.

These two are located at the Southpoint Docks (X:157, Y:22) which you will need the Rock Destroyer boat upgrade to reach.

This upgrade, purchased at Albert’s Shipyard, requires:

  • 10 aluminum ingots
  • 8 marbles
  • 6 fire notes
  • 2 ghost flowers
  • 1,700 Glims

Once you have the upgrade, go to Southpoint Docks and talk to the first ghost you find (with the red bull silhouette). They will ask you to “bully bully” another ghost, but all you have to do is talk to the closest one you see.

Bruce and Mickey will be the first ghosts you see after reaching Southpoint Docks/Spiritfarer
Bruce and Mickey will be the first ghosts you see after reaching Southpoint Docks.

Our guide on how to get Bruce and Mickey goes into more detail.

Once on the boat, they introduce you to the Crusher on their second prompt: “Smash! Smash!”.

With these requirements you can build the crusher:

  • 15 ash boards
  • 7 Pulsar Bars
  • 5 zinc ingots
Simply hold down the action button to crush materials in the crusher/spiritfarer
Simply hold down the action button to crush materials in the crusher.

Ash Boards are crafted at the Lumber Mill, while Zinc Ingots are crafted by smelting Zinc Ore.

Meanwhile, Pulsar Ingots are made from the Pulsar Ore you get from the Pulsar Rays event that Bruce and Mickey will introduce you to.

You can find the first location in the Oxbury region at X:156, Y:-15, denoted by the Pulsar-Ray logo.

The second location is in the same region at X: 219, Y: -95.

The event itself is pretty simple: just touch the rays of light going in all directions. Each beam you touch drops 1 Pulsar Ore, and you can process it like any other ore in the Foundry.

After you build the crusher, making powdered coal is quick and easy. Interact with the machine inside, place a large amount of coal and repeatedly press the action button to “crush” it and create powdered coal.

The light rays in the Pulsar event go in all directions so make sure you're always moving and jumping around / Spiritfarer
The light rays in the pulsar event go in all directions, so make sure you’re always moving and jumping around.

Production of steel sheets

Now that you have both of the materials you need, it’s time to build the forge.

This building requires the next Blueprint upgrade: the Master Blueprint, which requires:

  • 10 silica powder
  • 10 zinc ingots
  • 2,800 Glims

Quartz Powder is obtained by crushing Quartz in the Crusher, while Zinc Ingots are crafted in the Foundry.

Note: Depending on where you are in terms of the story, Gustav the Ghost will of course introduce you to the forge in one of his requests.

Once unlocked, building the Forge requires:

  • 12 silica powder
  • 5 comet powder
  • 5 Pulsar Bars
  • 12 ash boards

Comet Powder is made by crushing the Comet Rocks that you get from the Meteor Shower event. Check out our guide to getting Comet Rocks for more information.

Make sure to stop hammering when the hammer turns red / Spiritfarer
Make sure to stop hammering when the hammer turns red.

Once built, go to the Forge and select the Steel Sheet from the available items. This will trigger the oven timer, and how long it lasts depends on the materials selected.

The mini-game will start after that and all you have to do is hit the ball with your hammer until it goes flat. Pause when the hammer turns red and continue once it turns yellow.

You should have steel sheets in no time!

Use of sheet steel

Once you have a good amount of Steel Sheets, you can use them for these upgrades:

Build/Upgrade materials
Improvement of the Gustav gallery
  • 1 sheet steel
  • 7 slates
  • 10 zinc ingots
  • 6 marbles
  • 1000 Glims
Improvement of Buck’s Lair of Wonders
  • 1 sheet steel
  • 8 pine boards
  • 13 silk fabrics
  • 1 electrum sheet
  • 1000 Glims
Elena’s cabin
  • 2 steel sheets
  • 18 pine boards
  • 22 linen fabric
Improvement of the forge
  • 1 sheet steel
  • 5 gold bars
  • 12 XP potion
  • 1 Celestial Leaf
  • 890 Glims How to craft Steel Sheets in Spiritfarer – FandomSpot


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