How to craft each type of pistol ammo

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Video game weapons come in all shapes and sizes, from the lowest pitchfork to the most powerful magic swords and orbital cannons. Different weapons excel in different areas of combat, and knowing which tool is right for a specific job is the first step in making sure the player’s enemies are dead and lootable, and not the other way around.

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Once players have the materials and blueprints to level up from rocks and bows, pistols’ medium range and general utility make them a natural choice for the early game rust. However, there are several types of ammo to choose from when equipping a pistol, and it’s important to know which ones to use and how to craft them. Here’s everything the player needs to know about how to craft pistol ammo Rust.


pistol bullet

Crafting time 10s
stack size 128
Materials needed 10 Metal Fragments and 5 Gunpowder
Damage 50
scrap for research 75

From revolvers and M92s to MP5s and custom SMGs, the pistol category is broad and the pistol bullet is the standard ammunition for this category. Pistols aren’t good at penetrating the best armor, but are otherwise good, and SMGs can be devastating in close-range raids.

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Like other addicting craft games, rust contains numerous crafting recipes for players to learn. To craft pistol bullets, the player needs a level 1 workbench. If the player intends to make their own gunpowder and explosives, they will also need a mixing table. Pistol bullets are simple and effective, making them a great choice when the player is still finding their footing.

Pistol bullet at high speed

Crafting time 10s
stack size 64
Materials needed 10 Metal Fragments and 20 Gunpowder
Damage 50
scrap for research 125

High velocity pistol rounds cost four times the gunpowder of regular pistol rounds and aren’t very friendly to players trying to get a quick start after the wipe. True to their name, these rounds travel significantly faster than conventional projectiles, Helps compensate for bullet drop, making the player more accurate at longer ranges.

Having better long-range accuracy is always nice, but these rounds are often not worth the cost when raiding enemy bases, as the player could instead be spending their valuable time and materials working on rifle ammo instead, thereby reducing their cost even more value from the improvement draws distance. Crafting HV Pistol Balls requires a level 2 workbench.

Incendiary Pistol Ball

Crafting time 10s
stack size 64
Materials needed 10 Metal Fragments, 10 Gunpowder, 5 Sulfur, and 1 Inferior Fuel
Damage 50
scrap for research 125

The Incendiary Pistol Ball has a low chance to start a fire when it touches its target. The higher manufacturing cost makes these bullets less practical for conventional firefights, but incendiary pistol bullets can still be useful for certain specialized tasks. A Tier 2 workbench is required to craft Incendiary Pistol Bullets.

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Seasoned fans of this lengthy survival game know better than to live in wooden bases and upgrade from branch to brick as quickly as possible, but new players or those starving for resources sometimes make the mistake of taking refuge in such a structure . Incendiary pistol bullets quickly finish off wooden walls and other wooden structures, Make sure that this type of ammo still plays a role in some raids.

Nailgun nails

Crafting time 2s
stack size 64
Materials needed 8 metal fragments
Damage 18
scrap for research N / A

Nails aren’t the first thing players think of when they think of pistols, but the nailgun is a member of the pistol category Rust. Unlike other pistol ammunition Nails can be retrieved after shooting, This makes them the most cost-effective ammo type, provided the player survives long enough for such savings to matter. Unlike other weapons in the Pistols category, the Nailgun is a standard crafting recipe, but this weapon isn’t used much due to its short range and low damage.

rust is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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