How to clear all anomalies in the crater

After the player starts to enter Solar ash, they will need to get rid of some of the black clouds that are jamming the signal in the area. The crater, which is the starting area, has 3 anomalies consisting of this dark slime that needs to be cleared.

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From the central part of the Crater, where the player finds a large structure and a hologram ally named Cyd, one must travel in different directions in search of anomalies. Thankfully, gamers can scan for them using protagonist Rei’s multi-tool, which will guide them towards their target in the game. Solar ash.


How to Erase the First Crater’s Irregularity (Downhill)

One-way anomalous solar ash crater

Which anomaly the player chooses to clear first doesn’t matter, so multi-tool by holding L1 on PlayStation controller to scan for the nearest anomaly. If the player is closest to the part of the Crater that slopes down, they will be led to a series of passages between several platforms. While there is some Plasma that one can collect left in these small canyons, gamers will want to get Rei on top of the stone shelves.

Step 1 – Defeat all enemies before the timer starts

solar ash crater anomaly 1 step 1

After climbing the black goo on the side of one of the walls, the player will be able to see what’s on top of the stone platforms. There will be a green object, more black goo (signal jamming) and a clear path around the tops of the rock shelves. Players should be familiar with light green objects, as these are targets that will need to be attacked and grappled frequently in this game.

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However, before doing that here, the player should eliminate all the small enemies scattered across the different platforms, as they will get in the way. After doing so, hit the green object, which will weaken the black goo and open up many light green weak points that need hitting to attack the anomalous object. Hitting the first weak point will also start the timer, forcing the player to race to the next green object. One will have to run and jump over nearby platforms to destroy them all before the timer runs out, otherwise the player will have to start over.

Step 2 – Mark the main weakness of the anomaly

Solar ash crater anomaly 1 step 2

However, after reaching the end of the pedestal path, a final weak point will appear, this weak point will be circular and floating in the air. This means that players will have to use R1, if using a PlayStation controller, to grapple over this green object and drag themselves there. On contact, the weak spot will burst and reveal the anomalous central eye, which Rei will pierce through a large energy needle. This is how all anomalies are destroyed in Solar ash, however, this is the easiest way to delete.

How to overcome the 2nd crater anomaly (Uphill)

Two-way anomalous crater sun

Another anomaly can be found by following the multi-tool scanner to a path leading uphill. Follow the light blue foam up until one passes a checkpoint in the middle of a narrow pass. In addition, one’s foundational skills will be gently tested.

Step 1 – Climb the Black Goo on the wall

solar ash crater anomaly 2 steps 1

When one enters the area for this relatively easy puzzle, there will be a number of black goo that can climb on the wall to the left. Scale it to the nearby elevated area and people will see what they need to do next.

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There are many black anomalous goo bands covering the other walls that will lead Rei higher. Collect them to reach the upper area of ​​the structure.

Step 2 – Start the timer & race around the corner

solar ash crater anomaly 2 steps 2

Around a wall at the top, the player will find a vertical pale green weak point – the kind that needs to be hit for a melee attack to break. After smashing it, the player will have to run around the corner and down a short corridor while also breaking more weak points. The end of this corridor will be the anomaly’s main weak point, which Rei will struggle to break and destroy the anomaly.

How to Remove 3rd Crater’s Unusual (On a Cliff)

3-way anomalous crater sun

The final Crater anomaly is found through a narrow pass that will lead the player through an area with several ancient ruins. It is worth mentioning that there is a Cache near this area, which can be spotted on an elevated area to the right of the entrance arch.

Step 1 – Travel to the cliff dwelling

solar ash crater anomaly 3 steps 1

Through the entrance arch, the player will find a path lined with what appear to be the crumbling walls of some ancient structure. Progress through the area while defeating all the small anomalous enemies trying to get in Rei’s way. At the end of this path, the player will find the cliff where the heart of the anomaly rests.

Step 2 – Use Timeskip & Grappling to destroy the anomaly

solar ash crater anomaly 3 steps 2

All of the light green weak points that Rei needed to break to open up this anomaly were in the top portion of the giant ribs that lay around it. This means that the player must consecutively pass different highscores. When using a PlayStation controller, one can press the Circle button to use Rei’s timeskip ability for wider grappling time windows. When used, the timeskip will slow down time enough to allow the player to aim for their next grappling point more easily. Timeskip also allows one to grapple over more distant objects, as an added convenience.

Using the timeskip ability, the player can zoom in between the various weak points of the ribcage and break them all to expose the main weakness of this anomaly. When it’s open to attack, the player can stab an energy spear into it to eventually wipe out any Crater anomalies, which will progress the game and unlock the first boss battle.

Solar ash available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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