How to clean the animal cage

Those hoping to complete the weekly Game Pass quest for Zoo Tycoon will have to clean up five animal dung. This guide explains how to do so.

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Owning a pet can be very rewarding, as can caring for animals in general. However, there are certain quests associated with it that are not very interesting, since anyone has completed it Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection weekly Xbox Game Pass verifiable duties. The quest in question, worth 50 Microsoft Reward Points, requires the player to “Clean up 5 Animal Poops” and is potentially incredibly annoying.


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Okay, picking up poop Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection Nothing as messy as in real life, but it can still be a time-consuming task. This is because there is no “Press ‘P’ to Poop” option, which means players will have to sit back and wait for nature to do the work. Once it happens, at least they won’t have to get their hands dirty when cleaning the poop maybe done with the simple push of a button.

How to clean the animal cage in Zoo Tycoon


Those who hope to clean up the pile of dung Zoo Tycoon first make sure get rid of any zoo keepers they might have, as these funny park employees have a habit of swooping in and shoveling manure before players get a chance. Once that has been taken care of, they will then want to make sure they have at least one large enclosure with lots of animals in it and press the Y button on Xbox controller arrive Go to Tycoon View.


Once inside simulation gameTycoon view, players should Hover over one of the animal exhibits And after that press the A button to display the edit menu, inside of which they will find several different tabs. The third one from the left is labeled “Poop” and, assuming that there is indeed a pile of manure that needs to be cleaned – indicated by the tab of the same beige color as the ones around it – the player will be able to press A on the Poop . tab to enlarge the enclosure.


At this point, players will be able to press the A button to clear any feces in the enclosure. Sometimes they can even clean up multiple poops with a single button press, indicated by the number of poops in parentheses. To complete the quest, they will only need to clear a total of five poop, though anyone hoping to unlock hard achievement“Poop Master,” will need to garner a thousand views.


In the event that there are no piles of manure left to clean up, players in the sandbox zoo will have to wait for the animals to do their thing. Alternatively, the player can upload one of the scenarios from the game’s campaign mode and simply choose the option to retry every time the poop runs out. This means sitting over Zoo Tycoonridiculously long loading screen many times, however, and as such is not recommended for those who want to gain a thousand poops.

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection available for PC, Xbox Series and Xbox One.

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