How to choose a TONOR microphone?

Choose a microphone? How to? Whenever we go out to buy a new microphone, the question is “which microphone should I buy?” Of course, in our minds, there have been various considerations; price, specifications, brand, features, and so on. However, adjusting these parameters to our needs and desires is not as easy as one might think. Everyone wants the best item at the lowest possible price.

Which microphone is the best? A classic question!

Everything is relative and when one makes a decision, it cannot be completely objective. Initial patterns have to be thought out and when we want to go shopping we must have a laid-out “map”. It is advised to read some product reviews first before starting to choose the best among the available products.


Microphones that require little adjustment tend to be preferred. Few people like to arrange microphones in great detail. Trust me! Few people want to do that! That way we can “filter” which items we should buy. Then we move on to the features. The more features it offers, the better it will be for us. But be careful! More features usually lead to more settings. We’re back to the first point!

TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic

This is what we recommend on this occasion… Of course, we have some reasons which you can see below:

It uses a USB 2.0 data port:

This microphone is practically like a microphone that uses a USB 2.0 data port so you don’t need additional drivers.

Low impedance:

The impedance is low. This is one of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing the best microphone. Especially if you will be spending most of your time singing, a low impedance microphone is preferred. They also work well as PS4 microphones.

Easy to install:

Installation process. When you find a microphone that is difficult to install, it will lower your spirits. TONOR microphones, on the other hand, can be installed without a complicated assembly process. You just need to attach the pop filter to the tripod mic. Then you can plug and play. You can’t expect anything easier than that!

Good sound wave vibration modulation ability:

Bad microphones usually can’t tell the difference between background noise and main sound. You don’t want your voice to be mixed with background noise. Here, the anti-vibration feature plays a very important role. Many types of microphones have an anti-vibration feature but after we tried about twenty microphones, the TONOR mic seems to have the best anti-vibration feature. This microphone works well when we sing and play games. There’s a kind of hidden shock mount that we feel could be effectively upgraded to reduce noise caused by hand touching the microphone, keyboard, and mouse.

TONOR can isolate the diaphragm from vibration with its foam cushioning and good suspension. This microphone can withstand the transfer of vibrations to the diaphragm, as a result, the sound produced is entirely pure from the singer’s voice.

Pop filter:

The TONOR microphone provides a pop filter as an accessory to reduce the additional noise caused by air escaping the user’s mouth. Thus, reducing hisses, plosives, and other mouth sounds can be done properly.

Incoming voice pickup:

This must be considered. You don’t want a microphone that picks up sound from multiple directions. The cardioid microphone is capable of capturing sound only coming from the front of the microphone, rather than from behind, above, and to the side.

If you’re interested in buying this cardioid microphone, you can read more information aboutmicrophoneThank you for reading and have a good day!

Huynh Nguyen

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