How to change Hoopa’s form in Pokemon GO

While Pokemon GO typically handles Pokemon’s forms separately, Hoopa is free to switch between its two forms.

pokemon go hoopa is limited and hoopa is not bound

As one of the first Mythical Pokemon to come in different forms, Hoopa first debuted in Pokemon X & Y and has since become the Pokemon GO.

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While most forms in Pokemon GO almost treated as a separate species (e.g. Castform, Cherrim, Rotom, and Giratina), a new form changer has been introduced into the game. This feature allows some Pokemon to switch between forms whenever the player wants. So far (at the time of writing), this mechanic can only be used by Furfrou and Hoopa.


Here’s how to switch Hoopa between the Bound and Unbound forms.

How to catch Hoopa


Unfortunately, anyone not logged in during the current Naughty Season cannot obtain the Hoopa. It can only be captured by progressing through the Naughty Special Research Naughty has been activated by logging in during that period. Hoopa will definitely be released again in the future, but as of right now, this is the only way to get it.

Anyone who manages the Naughty Naughty quests can capture Hoopa in Captive form by completing Step 3 of the quest line.

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This Special Research is always available once acquired, so there is no time limit to completing it. By completing Special Research at a certain time during Naughty Season (or by purchasing tickets), players can unlock a new quest called Mischief Unbound. Complete the second step of that The quest allows Hoopa to change the forms on that player’s account.

Changing form of Hoopa

change hoopa between its forms pokemon go

It’s really easy to transform Hoopa’s form in Pokemon GO. Players need to make sure they’ve completed the second step of Mischief’s Untethered Special Research, which unlocks the shape-shifting mechanism for Hoopa.

Simply open Hoopa’s page, then scroll down to the location of the “EVOLVE” and “POWER UP” buttons. There must be a button titled “MODEL CHANGE.”

change form of hoopa

Yes an expense to change form, though. Here’s what’s needed:

  • Imprisoned Hoopa ➡ Unbound Hoopa = 50 Hoopa Candy + 50,000 Stardust
  • Hoopa Unbound ➡ Hoopa Confined = 10 Hoopa Candy + 2,000 Stardust

Thats all to have it! Hoopa’s form can be transformed at will, but it costs Candies and Stardust each time.

Pokemon GO available on mobile devices.

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