How to capture sacred sites

About 16 years after the third edition was released, the new addition to the franchise, Age of Empires 4, is finally available for fans to enjoy. There are a lot of expectations Relic Entertainment has to fulfill to please the old players. Fortunately, it did a great job of maintaining the legacy mechanism with some new features.

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One of these old mechanics is a miracle win. Similar to before, the player can gain it by defending a Wonder for a certain amount of time. Aside from Wonders, Sacred Sites is another construction that brings more variety to the game’s strategy.


How to take over sacred sites in Age of Empires 4

Monks occupy holy places

To capture a Sacred place, the player must wait until Castle Age. Then just target it with a Religion unit recruited from Monastery:

  • Monks (English, French, Chinese)
  • Prelate (Holy Roman Empire)
  • Shaman (Mongol)
  • Warrior Monk (Rus)
  • Scholar (Delhi Sultanate)
  • Imam (Abbasid Dynasty)

The Army nullifies the Sacred Site

Capturing at least one Sanctuary will continuously generate gold for the player to capture. However, this summoner can be disabled if an enemy places an army inside the Site’s borders for a few seconds. Meanwhile, capturing all three Holy Lands and defending them for ten minutes automatically wins in Age of Empires 4. As a result, the player is forced to attack and move outside his base to ensure that the enemy doesn’t own all the Holy Lands.

When it comes to recruiting Religious units, it should be noted that some Civilizations have different strategies when using them. Here are some examples.

Delhi Sultanate

Elephants of Delhi Sultanate

Delhi Sultanate may build a first mosque Dark times. This building can spawn Scholars, an important unit for the faction.

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After researching and upgrading a technology called holiness, players can capture a sacred site without having to reach the Castle Age. All Delhi’s tech is free, so it doesn’t require any preparation to upgrade.


The landmark Kremlin from Age Of Empires 4

Rus’ Warrior Monks are extremely useful on the battlefield, as they can both heal and fight. Unlike typical Religious units, they are riding on horseback, so they can reach target areas faster. They can also give a buff to their allied troops while fighting them along with healing them.

To start the Castle Age, the player can choose one Specific religious landmarks, Monastery of the Holy Trinity. It contains useful technologies that will further improve Warrior Monk’s abilities.

Holy Roman Empire

HRE Milestones from Age Of Empires 4

Holy Roman EmpirePrelate’s religious unit can be recruited at the start of the game without building a Monastery. But, unlike the Delhi Sultanate, The Romans could not gain control of the Sacred Sites until the Castle Age. However, they can still deploy Religious units faster than other factions.

Age of Empires 4 was released on October 28, 2021 and is currently available on PC.

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