How to Call an Emergency Meeting (& How to Act During a Meeting)

Between us can be a bit overwhelming at times. Social reasoning game around up to 10 players working together on one map to find imposters while some of them are impostors trying to kill all the innocent people. A big part of this round involves gathering information while also completing tasks.

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Players can share information with each other in meetings, often called when someone finds a body. However, some information cannot wait too long. That’s why emergency meetings exist in Between us because it gets everyone to gather before anyone else dies and before the round is over. But how exactly do emergency meetings work?

How to start an emergency meeting

An emergency button on The Skeld in Among Us

Before a round starts, the person in charge of setting up each round has the ability to give players a certain amount of time during which they can call an emergency meeting. The default tends to be one or two, but this can be adjusted to how the lobby wants to play. When in the game, regular and emergency meetings are held in the same place.

Therefore, when looking for a button to start an emergency meeting, the player should go to the appropriate location:

  • The Skeld– Meetings are held in the Canteen, which is the upper middle part of the map. At the center table, the player can select the button in the center of that table.
  • MIRA HQ– Meetings are held in the Canteen, which is the bottom right part of the map. The button can be found in the bottom left panel by the player, which can be easily accessed from the bottom.
  • Polus– Meetings are held in the Office, where directly the center of the map. The button is on the conference table.
  • Spaceship– Meetings are held in the Meeting Room, located at northernmost room. The emergency button is located in the second part of the room where the meeting table is located.


How should seafarers act in an emergency?

An encounter with a bunch of crew members in Between Us

Emergency meetings have a little different energy to regular meetings. Most regular meetings just revolve around discovering where a body was found and then figuring out where everyone is in that particular ring. With emergency meetings, players often call them because they want to reveal information about other players.

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The best an innocent crew can do just listen what the player has to say. Unless they’re lying about something easily provable, it’s best to sit back and let them hash it out with someone else. That said, if a player is being accused of something they didn’t do, try to provide reasonable evidence that that’s not the case.

How should impostors act in an emergency?

An impostor among the crew members in Among Us

It is easier to join emergency meetings when innocent. It was a different experience in an impostor’s shoes. There’s a good chance that, when the emergency meeting is called, a player is about to call the impostor out to do something. Be prepared to deny, deflect, or make up a story that ends with the accuser getting to vote instead.

If a whistleblower is going after an impostor, it’s best to keep quiet unless there’s a good defense. If the accuser is hunting for an innocent friend, seize the opportunity to get rid of them.

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