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Loads of challenges await in Pokemon GO for individuals who select to pursue them. One among these challenges is taking up the assorted grunts and leaders of Team GO Rocket with a purpose to rescue their Shadow Pokemon and get useful gadgets. There are three major leaders that gamers can discover with one among them being Sierra.

As one among Crew GO Rocket’s leaders in Pokemon GO, Sierra is usually a very robust battle for gamers who aren’t ready. Her group is stuffed with highly effective Pokemon that may wipe out groups that are not fitted to the combat. Like all Pokemon although, Sierra’s Pokemon nonetheless have weaknesses that may be exploited.

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In the course of the battle, Sierra will use a group of three Pokemon. Whereas her first group member will all the time be the identical in every encounter, her second and third Pokemon are way more unpredictable. Her second Pokemon may very well be one among three totally different Pokemon along with her third Pokemon being one among three extra totally different Pokemon.

Sierra’s First Pokemon – Sneasel

Pokemon Sneasel

The primary Pokemon Sierra will ship out within the battle is Sneasel. This Pokemon is a twin Darkish and Ice-type, making it weak to Preventing, Rock, Bug, Metal, Fireplace, and Fairy-type strikes. On the flip facet, Sneasel resists harm from Ghost, Ice, Darkish, and Psychic-type strikes.

Being Sierra’s first Pokemon, Sneasel is the weakest of her get together. This makes it straightforward to handle in comparison with what comes after it, making it a great goal for charge moves. Gamers can use this a part of the battle to pressure Sierra to waste her Shield Shields early. If gamers wish to get by means of this Pokemon rapidly although, the very best counters towards it are:

Pokemon Quick Transfer Cost Transfer
Lucario Counter Aura Sphere
Conkeldurr Counter Dynamic Punch
Blaziken Counter Focus Blast
Machamp Counter Dynamic Punch
Sirfetch’d Counter Shut Fight

Sierra’s Second Pokemon – Ampharos, Granbull, or Gliscor

Shifting on to Sierra’s second Pokemon, she will use both Ampharos, Granbull, or Gliscor. These Pokemon will present a a lot greater problem than Sneasel, however they’ll all nonetheless be countered with their weaknesses.

Ampharos is a pure Electric-type Pokemon, so it is just weak to Floor-type strikes. It additionally resists harm from Flying, Metal, and Electrical-type strikes. Due to this, the very best Pokemon to counter this member of Sierra’s group are:

Pokemon Quick Transfer Cost Transfer
Therian Landorus Mud Shot Earthquake
Excadrill Mud-Slap Earthquake
Groudon Mud Shot Earthquake
Garchomp Mud Shot Earthquake
Rhyperior Mud-Slap Earthquake

Subsequent is Sierra’s Granbull, which is pure Fairy-type Pokemon. It’s weak to Poison and Metal-type strikes whereas resisting Preventing, Bug, Darkish, and Dragon-type strikes. With this in thoughts, the very best counters for this opponent are:

Pokemon Quick Transfer Cost Transfer
Metagross Bullet Punch Meteor Mash
Assault Type Deoxys Poison Jab Zap Cannon
Roserade Poison Jab Sludge Bomb
Genesect Steel Claw Magnet Bomb
White Kyurem Metal Wing Blizzard

The final of Sierra’s potential second get together members is Gliscor. This Pokemon is a twin Floor and Flying-type, so it’s susceptible to Ice and Water-type moves. It additionally resists harm from Electrical, Preventing, Poison, Bug, and Floor-type strikes. Gliscor is usually a bit difficult to combat with all of its kind resistances, so the very best counters to make use of towards it are:

Pokemon Quick Transfer Cost Transfer
Galarian Darmanitan Ice Fang Avalanche
Mamoswine Powder Snow Avalanche
Weavile Ice Shard Avalanche
Glaceon Frost Breath Avalanche
Jynx Frost Breath Avalanche

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Sierra’s Last Pokemon – Houndoom, Kingdra, or Drapion

Ending off with Sierra’s ultimate Pokemon, that is the place the true problem actually begins. She will be able to ship out both Houndoom, Kingdra, or Drapion. All of those Pokemon are able to fully wiping gamers’ groups if they do not take this ultimate step significantly, so it is vital to organize for essentially the most tough a part of the battle.

Houndoom is a twin Darkish and Fire-type Pokemon that’s weak to Preventing, Floor, Rock, and Water-type strikes. What some gamers could not anticipate although is its large quantity of kind resistances. These resistances are Ghost, Metal, Fireplace, Grass, Ice, Darkish, and Psychic-type strikes. If gamers wish to make this battle go as easily as potential, the very best Pokemon for the job are:

Pokemon Quick Transfer Cost Transfer
Rampardos Smack Down Rock Slide
Kingler Bubble Crabhammer
Therian Landorus Rock Throw Earth Energy
Conkeldurr Counter Dynamic Punch
Kyogre Waterfall Hydro Pump

Persevering with ahead, Sierra’s subsequent potential ultimate Pokemon is Kingdra. This Pokemon is twin Water and Dragon-type, so it is just weak to Dragon and Fairy-type strikes. It additionally resists harm from Metal, Fireplace, and Water-type strikes.

If gamers wish to danger it, they’ll use their very own Dragon-type Pokemon to battle Kingdra. These Pokemon, nevertheless, can even need to face Kingdra’s personal Dragon-type moves. If gamers are snug doing this, the very best Dragon-types to deliver alongside are:

Pokemon Quick Transfer Cost Transfer
Black Kyurem Dragon Tail Outrage
Palkia Dragon Tail Draco Meteor
Rayquaza Dragon Tail Outrage
Salamence Dragon Tail Draco Meteor
Haxorus Dragon Tail Dragon Claw

If gamers do not wish to danger their Dragon-type Pokemon and their very own weaknesses for this battle, gamers may use a number of different choices. One of the best non-Dragon-type Pokemon to make use of on this case towards Kingdra are:

Pokemon Quick Transfer Cost Transfer
Zacian Snarl Play Tough
Gardevoir Appeal Dazzling Gleam
Togekiss Appeal Dazzling Gleam
Granbull Appeal Play Tough
Assault Type Deoxys Zen Headbutt Zap Xannon

Sierra’s final potential Pokemon is her Drapion, which is a twin Poison and Dark-type Pokemon. It is just susceptible to Floor-type strikes and resists harm from Psychic, Poison, Ghost, Grass, and Darkish-type strikes.

This fortunately signifies that if Sierra is utilizing Ampharos within the battle, gamers can use the identical actual Pokemon they used towards it with a purpose to combat Drapion. One of the best counters after all are:

Pokemon Quick Transfer Cost Transfer
Therian Landorus Mud Shot Earthquake
Excadrill Mud-Slap Earthquake
Groudon Mud Shot Earthquake
Garchomp Mud Shot Earthquake
Rhyperior Mud-Slap Earthquake

Battle Aftermath

After defeating Sierra, gamers will get the prospect to rescue her Shadow Sneasel. Gamers will likely be locked out of their regular assortment of PokeBalls and should depend on the Premier Balls earned from how nicely they did within the battle beforehand. Different battle rewards embrace a 12km Egg and a group of merchandise drops.

Pokemon GO is offered on Android and iOS.

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