How to beat Maylene in Veilstone City Gym

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Not long after defeat Roark and Gardenia, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls the player will find themselves in Veilstone City. Carved entirely of stone and stone, Veilstone is the eighth largest city in the entire Pokemon universe and home to the game’s third gym leader, Maylene. This pink-haired prodigy may be inexperienced when compared to other Sinnoh gym heads, but her battle-type Pokemon team still packs a punch.

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Those hoping to beat the young boxer and earn their Cobble Badge will have to work for it and will likely need to hunt down a new Pokemon or two to strengthen their team. There are quite a few different options in this regard, although some Pokemon are better suited for the job than others. Technically, of course, brute force is also an option, although this will require you to practice a lot or a lot of luck.

How to Prepare for Veilstone City Gym


All 12 Pokemon found at Veilstone Gym are of the battle type, which can get some players into quite a bit of trouble. This is because none of the three started in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls are particularly well-suited to fighting battle-type Pokemon, meaning that those who have been overly reliant on their starters up to this point will have to rethink their approach. Thankfully, there are plenty of other Pokemon in the game that are capable of working against themselves people who like Machoke and Meditite.

Pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl abra

The most notable of these is probably Kadabra, thanks to its psychic typing ability, will be extremely strong against all Pokemon found in the gym; both offensively and defensively. Players can find Abra on the long grass on 203rd Street, or trade a Machop with a woman named Hilary in Oreburgh City. Abra will evolve into Kadabra at level 16, although players should aim to get it in their mid-twenties just to be safe. If they really wanted to, they could trade Kadabra with a friend to have it evolve into Alakazam, although this is not necessary to defeat Maylene.


In addition, those who themselves receive a Starly for Battle with Gardenia at Eterna City Gymnasium will be able to get away with using Staravia and its flying attacks, though they’ll likely need to be at least level 30 to be able to survive some of Maylene’s more powerful moves. Likewise, Machoke can also do the job if the push actually comes to the shove, though unless its level is in the mid-thirties, the player will need to be lucky when Meditite and Lucario use Drain Punch .

How to get to Maylene


While it’s possible to sneak past four trainers while they’re looking the other way, waiting for them to return can be quite time-consuming and so it’s best to get them all out right away. Once all the trainers have been taken care of, the player will need to clear their way through the two central rooms by pushing wooden dividers found around the gym. They’ll have to go through the rooms on the left and right, though, as doing so is the only way to move the two dividers at the back of the gym.

How to beat Maylene


Maylene is a lot tougher than the previous two gym chiefs due to her two Pokemon having Drain Punch access. If the player has flying, fighting, bugs, fairies, or poisons on their team, this shouldn’t cause too much of a problem. However, for all other types, Drain Punch can deal some serious damage while also replenishing the user’s HP. To make matters worse, Maylene also has a few Hyper Potions and will use them whenever her Pokemon’s HP is red. With this in mind, those who can’t attack her teammates are actually better off picking moves that deal around 60% damage to prevent her from healing.

Veilstone City Gymnastics Trainer


Jeffery Black Belt (₱ 832)
Machoke (Lv. 26)
Meditite (Lv. 26)
Colby Black Belt (₱ 900)
Machoke (Lv. 25)
Machoke (Lv. 25)
Machoke (Lv. 25)
Darren Black Belt (₱ 900)
Machoke (Lv. 25)
Machoke (Lv. 25)
Machop (Lv. 25)
Rafael Black Belt (₱ 896)
Meditite (Lv. 28)
Leader Maylene (₱ 3,840)
Meditite (Lv. 27) Punch a hole
Bright screen
Machoke (Lv. 27) Brick Break
Stone Tomb
Lucario (Lv. 30) Punch a hole
Metal claws
Bone Rush
Force Palm

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