How to Beat Crasher Wake in the City Gym of Pastoria

The city of Pasttoria can be found to the south of Sinnoh region and lies on the edge of a giant swamp that is said to be inhabited by many rare Pokemon. Prior to Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls Players can actually explore the Great Swamp, however, they’ll first need to visit the city’s gym and its top leader, Crasher Wake.

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Crasher and the rest of the trainers at Pastoria City Gym mainly specialize in Water-type Pokemon, which means players may need to make a few changes to their team before going inside. Even so, by bringing along any decent grass or semi-electric Pokemon, they shouldn’t really have too much trouble defeating Crasher and earning the Fen Badge; assuming that they can actually reach him first.


How to Prepare for the Pasttoria City Gym


Players who have chosen Turtwig as Pokemon Starter can expect an easy ride in Pastoria City, as its grass-type attacks should have no trouble tearing apart all the Pokemon at the city’s gym. Those who have chosen Piplup can also get away with using brute force if their level is high enough, especially if they’ve reached level 36 and evolved their Prinplup into Empoleon. Sadly, however, those who have chosen Chimchar as their starter will once again have to rely on other members of their team.


People who choose Machop for Oreburgh . City Gymnasium could get away with using the fierce mini-combat type again this time around, though they would need to evolve it into Machoke and be at least level thirty. Alternatively, players may want to consider picking up an electric-type Pokemon for the occasion, with Luxio is a pretty solid choice. The player can find the Shinx in its uncharted form on routes 202, 203 and 204, as well as in the Grand Underground, where Luxio itself can be found. A level 25 Luxio will almost certainly be suitable for the job, however, players may want to raise it to level 30 so it evolves into Luxray just to be safe.

How to get Crasher Wake


To get to Crasher Wake, players will need to use multiple color switches to raise and lower the gym’s water level. The first of these is a Orange and can be found by following the path around to the left. After pressing it, the player will need to continue following the path up some stairs until they find themselves on a platform just before Crasher Wake. Then they will need to push green switch before going back up the stairs. If they walk to the left now, they will soon go to blue transformation is being defended by a trainer named Sailor Damian.


With the water level now at its highest, the player should head south across the wooden planks and then continue to the right. If they don’t fight him sooner, they’ll need to take care of Tuber Jacky before they can go through. Not long after that, players will need to compete in another trainer battle, after which they will head north and hit green switch near the fisherman. This will lower the water level again, allowing the player to go south through the nearby stairs and press the . button Orange switch at the bottom of the screen. From here, the player just needs to head north, follow the path around, then hit another one blue switch when they have defeated Sailor Samson.

How to beat Crasher Wake


Unlike some other gym leaders in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, there’s an argument to be made that Crasher Wake actually leads with its strongest Pokemon. It is true that Floatzel is a few levels higher, but Gyarados is a level that players really need to watch out for. Like other gym battles, Crasher will heal his Pokemon if their HP drops too low, though unlike Maylene before him, he only has the Super Potion at his disposal. However, with the player having no type disadvantage and being able to take care of Gyarados without losing too much of their team, the battle should end pretty smoothly.

Fitness Trainer in Pasttoria


Tube Jacky (312)
Buizel (Lv. 26)
Fisher Walter (1,040)
Barboach (Lv. 26)
Sailor Damian (1,056)
Wingull (Lv. 24)
Wingull (Lv. 24)
Caitlyn Tubers (384)
Azurill (Lv. 24)
Marill (Lv. 24)
Fisher Eric (1,056)
Goldeen (Lv. 22)
Gyarados (Lv. 24)
Barboach (Lv. 23)
Sailor Samson (1,056)
Shellos (Lv. 24)
Wingull (Lv. 24)
Shellos (Lv. 24)
Leader Crasher Waker (3,840)
Gyarados (Lv. 27) Ice Fang
Salty water
wrath of the dragon
Quagsire (Lv. 27) Rain dance
Mud shot
Tail Whip
Floatzel (Lv. 30) Salty water
jet plane

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