How to beat Candice in Snowpoint City Gym

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Snowpoint City Gym is the seventh place that players will visit Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls and home of ice type expert, Candice. Due to the oddly difficult puzzle, Snowpoint is by far the most complex gym in the 4th generation games, with players likely to spend more time getting to Candice than they do fighting. with her. It is worth noting that although this is a very easy fight as it is such a difficult puzzle.


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Because Candice is so reliant on ice, players with a decent fire-type Pokemon will have little trouble taking down the gym leader. Doing so will see them awarded the Icicle Badge, which allows the player use Rock Climb HM outside of battle. Players will finally be able to get to Lake Acuity after defeating Candice, meaning there are plenty of other battles with Team Galactic ahead.

How to Prepare for the Snowpoint City Gym


The players who chose Chimchar as their Pokemon Starter No need to prepare too much for Snowpoint City Gym, as a level 48 Infernape will be more than capable of defeating all of Candice’s Pokemon without any healing items. Even so, some other trainers in the gym have Pokemon whose fire and combat attacks are ineffective, while others have access to water attacks. With this in mind, players should bring a few other heavy carriages with them just to be safe.


Thankfully, Infernape isn’t the only viable option to defeat Candice, with Ponyta (which now should have actually evolved into Rapidash) once again. a solid choice. For those who haven’t, Ponyta can be encountered on Routes 206, 211, and 215 and will evolve into Rapidash at level 40. Machoke and Graveler can also do this job, both of which can be found on Route 216. The only other thing players really need to worry about is hoarding healing items, like leaving the gym before defeating Candice is not advised.

How to get to Candice?


All gym quizzes in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, the construction found in Snowpoint City is arguably the most challenging. It requires the player to slide along ice floes to break some of the many giant snowballs dotting the gym, necessitating clearing the way to its leader, Candice. This task is made more difficult by the fact that the player can only slide into the snowballs from certain directions and will also need to defeat several Ace Trainers as they go.


Anyone hoping to be able to solve the puzzle on their own will be able to do so with enough trial and error, but those who just want to follow the instructions can find right here. It’s worth noting that, unlike some of the game’s other gyms, the gym found in Snowpoint City will completely reset when the player steps out. With this in mind, players should stock up on healing items at a nearby Pokemart before going inside, as they won’t be able to visit. Pokemon Center before taking on the head of the gym.

How to beat Candice


Those who head into the Snowpoint City gym with Infernape as their primary attacker may find that Candice is actually a lot easier to beat than some of the gym’s other trainers. This is because three of her four Pokemon are weak fire move, with the other having pretty low defense and therefore fairly easy to take down with a powerful move like Close Combat. It’s true that the other three Pokemon all have Earthquake, but because Infernape is faster, it can take them all down with a single hit from the Flame Wheel before Candice’s Pokemon has a chance to act.


Players using Groveller or Machoke will also have very little trouble with Snover, Sneasel, and Abomasnow, but may have difficulty against Medicham due to their poor performance. With this in mind, players might want to bring a Haunter with them just for the Medicham portion of the fight to speed things up a bit. However, at sufficiently high levels (medium to high), both Groveller and Machoke will more than likely outlast Medicham and win the battle on their own.

Fitness trainer at Snowpoint City


Ace Trainer Brenna (2,496)
Revenue (Lv. 39)
Ace Trainer Isaiah (2,496)
Quagsire (Lv. 39)

Ace Trainer Anton (2,496)
Revenue (Lv. 39)
Ace Trainer Sergio (2,516)
Floatzel (Lv. 37)
Sneasel (Lv. 37)
Ace Trainer Alicia (2,516)
Sneasel (Lv. 37)
Tentacruel (Lv. 37)
Ace Trainer Savannah (2,516)
Pelipper (Lv. 35)
Golduck (Lv. 36)
Steelix (Lv. 37)
Candice Leader (5.208)
Revenue (Lv. 38) Water pulse
Razor Leaf
Sneasel (Lv. 38) Metal claws
Hone Claws
Medicham (Lv. 40) Brick Break
Ice Punch
Ice skating
Bulk increase
Abomasnow (Lv. 42) Giga Drain
Aurora Veil
Snow storm

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