How to beat Byron in Canal City Gym

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After beat Fantina in Hearthome City, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls The player will need to travel to Canalave City, which can be found east of the Sinnoh region. To reach the city, players will need to use their newly acquired Surf hidden machine, as it can only be accessed by crossing the water on Route 218. Not much to do there as a new player. came, so, after a quick battle. , they’ll be able to head straight to the city’s gymnasium to confront its leader, Byron.


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Byron specializes in steel-type Pokemon and is also the father of Oreburgh . City Gymnasium leader, Roark. Unlike his son, Byron is not a promoter, so players will need to bring their A game to win. It won’t be easy, but given the player picks the right Pokemon and has leveled them all up to the high thirties, it’s an obstacle most players can overcome without too much difficulty. .

How to Prepare for Canal City Gym


Since all Byron’s Pokemon are steels, Canalave City Gym is the ideal place for those who have chosen Chimchar or Piplup as their choice Pokemon Starter. The former is said to be slightly more suitable for the task due to its late evolution, Infernape, which is both a fire type and a combat type. However, both will still be vulnerable to Steelix’s earthquake attacks, so players may want to have a few other Pokemon waiting in the wings in case their starters are knocked out.


As has happened in most of the other gyms the player has visited So far, Machoke has once again acted as a solid opponent, with Revenge able to deal some serious damage to Byron’s team if Machoke takes damage during the same turn it casts. Other possible options for the Canalave City gym include Ponyta, which can be found on Routes 206, 211, and 215, and Quagsire, which players can find on Route 212 or in the Great Marsh area north of the City of Pasttoria.

How to get to Byron?


Canale City Gym requires the player to use special floor tiles to navigate the building. When entering, players should take out the two trainers in the first area and then Step onto the box above and to the right of Worker Gary. The sequel is pretty linear and will take players back to the first floor, where they’ll need to defeat Ace Trainer Cesar to be able to do so. Step onto the tile to the right of the main entrance to the gym. From here, they will follow the path to the third floor and then using bricks next to the worker standing against the back wall of the gym. Then it’s just a case of following the path forward until achieved a brick with a red square with a white cross inside, which will take the player right to Byron.

How to beat Byron


Players should be able to deal with Byron’s Bronzor relatively quickly, as it seems to be more concerned with using set moves than actually trying to attack. However, Steelix will cause more problems as its Sturdy ability ensures that it will get at least one move. More often than not, this will be Earthquake, which will probably take out Empoleon or Infernape in one hit if either is in play. If this happens, players should switch to something bulky and revive them while continuing to remove Steelix’s health.


On the other hand, Machoke will be able to handle Earthquake much better than two Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls beginners, and will therefore have little trouble taking down Steelix in just a few turns. Thankfully, Byron’s final Pokemon, Bastiodon, is much simpler than the previous Pokemon, although, thanks to the Powerful ability, will also take at least two turns to defeat. It is also holding a Sitrus Berry, but this won’t really make much of a difference to the outcome of the battle.

Canale City Gymnastics Coach


Ricky black belt (1,056)
Steelix (Lv. 33)
Worker Gary (1,488)
Onix (Lv. 31)
Ace Trainer Cesar (2.176)
Skorupi (Lv. 30)
Steelix (Lv. 32)
Worker Gerardo (1,392)
Onix (Lv. 29)
Onix (Lv. 29)
David Black Belt (1.024)
Onix (Lv. 30)
Steelix (Lv. 32)
Ace Trainer Breanna (2,244)
Azumarill (Lv. 33)
Team leader Byron (4,836)
Bronzor (Lv. 36) Donkey room
Confused Ray
Flash Cannon
Steelix (Lv. 36) Earthquake
Gyro Ball
Thunder Fang
Bastiodon (Lv. 39) Flash Cannon
Iron defense
Edge stone

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