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10-14 is one of the toughest stages in the game. If you don’t defeat the boss within 4 turns, you will automatically fail the stage.

As if that wasn’t enough, you also get cursed – meaning only your captain can auto-attack and use his chain combo.

Luckily, we can remove the curse by triggering Aurora Time – which means we have to connect 15 shades of the same color at once.

Things to note:

  • You need a lot of tiles, so bring a lot of converters
  • Schummer’s health is locked, meaning you have to wait another turn to deal more damage after getting it to 49%.
  • It takes a lot of RNG to clear this up – don’t be demoralized if it takes you a while to clear this up.
  • Shade occupies an area of ​​2×2. bring detonators.

team building

This is the team I will be clearing 10-14 with:

  • Barton
  • Bethel
  • Bethlehem
  • azure
  • Sariel

As you can see I have 3 converters and 2 detonators.

Normally, Barton is never in the Captain slot / Alchemy Stars
Normally, Barton is never in the Captain slot

If you have a Max Breakthrough (MBT) Cross Converter, you should use this item to clear the stage. They make it a lot easier.

Normally a converter would never be the captain, but this is a special case. You need tokens to remove the curse, and only the captain can use their active ability while cursed.

win the fight

Schummer (the boss) is in the middle / Alchemy Stars
Schummer (the boss) is the focus

You can see the four demons in every corner. One is activated each round. Once all four are activated, you automatically fail the stage.

However, you can disable daemons by triggering Aurora Time.

In the next turn, your team will be cursed, so use all your active abilities now. Because of this, it’s important to bring plenty of converters with you.

Now the stage looks like this:

Make sure you have 15 connected tiles/alchemy stars
Make sure you have 15 connected tiles

It might be tempting to attack Schummer, but instead I’ll skip a few turns. To do this, double-tap on your team.

This is done to delay your captain’s (or other converter’s) cooldowns.

Three Daemons Activated / Alchemy Stars
Three daemons have been activated

Now that Barton’s abilities are almost refreshed and Sariel’s abilities are high, I’m going to use 15 blue tiles to trigger Aurora Time.

Don’t use them all – you’ll need them soon.

Don't use all the tiles/alchemy stars
Don’t use all the tiles

I’ve done some damage to Schummer and I’m able to use my other Aurorians’ abilities again. Bethel and Azur’s abilities are nice, but Sariel’s are the most important.

Now my board looks like this:

Remember that you can't get Schummer below 49% HP until you clear HP Lock / Alchemy Stars
Keep in mind that you can’t get Schummer below 49% HP until you’ve unlocked HP

Now that my other Aurors can also attack and use their active ability, I’m going to use more (but still not all) of the blue tiles to damage Schummer.

Now my board looks like this:

The Daemons Have Been Disabled / Alchemy Stars
The demons have been deactivated

Instead of using the blue tiles, I’ll wait until I can use Barton’s active ability next turn. Dizziness will move you, so pray it takes you to a good place.

At this point, my board now looks like this:

This clear is RNG dependent / Alchemy Stars
This clear is RNG dependent

Now I’m going to use Barton’s abilities again – that’s why he’s destined to be captain.

Schummer Is Well Set - You May Not Be So Lucky / Alchemy Stars
Schummer is in good shape – you might not be so lucky

Now again, I’m going to use just enough tiles to trigger Aurora Time.

I have this left:

I should have waited another round for Sariel's Skill / Alchemy Stars
I should have waited another round for Sariel’s skill

This is your last chance to beat Schummer. I have one converter left that does just enough damage to defeat Schummer.

defeated! / Alchemy Stars

It’s important to note that I used water because of Bethlehem – it allows for flexible conversion, but it’s also a limited entity.

This is more of a guide to help you figure out what you can do to beat 10-14, as your own list of available units will likely be different from mine.

However, the core idea is the same:

Bring converters, wait for time, then slam as hard as you can at smear in Aurora Time. Much luck! How to beat 10-14 in Alchemy Stars – FandomSpot


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