How to Apply for a Contractor’s License in Florida?

If you want to start with a construction profession or begin your own contracting business in Florida, then you definitely require a Florida Contractors License. However, you might be confused about how and from where to proceed with your contractor’s license.

You’re not the only one who feels this way. The procedure of obtaining a contractor’s license in Florida can be particularly difficult, as it differs from that of other states. Furthermore, searching for information on multiple government websites might take the time you don’t have, especially if you’re currently performing tiny contracting tasks.

Hence, we have collected some facts and created a proper stepwise procedure for getting your contractor’s license in Florida but before that, let us understand

Why do you require a Contractor’s License?

  • The Potentiality to Earn More

Working for yourself gives you greater control over the hourly rate or project cost you charge clients. This implies that as a certified contractor, someone might make more money over time than if they worked for a building business as an employee.

  • Freedom with the Job

Qualified contractors have the option of working with any customers they desire. This can result in a far more pleasant working atmosphere. Qualified contractors also have more flexibility in terms of scheduling and taking time off when necessary.

  • Career Path which is Flexible

Contractors have complete control over their professional path, from the tasks they work on to the individuals they work with. There may also be more freedom in terms of where they work and the kind of projects they work on, such as large, small, residential, or commercial. Qualified contractors are free to make these judgments without relying on anybody else.

  • Enhances Job Security

In today’s business economy, being a licensed contractor and working lawfully helps you to be more competitive. Because you are not licensed, you are no longer confined to taking smaller tasks and will never have to worry or contemplate about losing any work to a professional contractor. You’ll also avoid the dangers and fines associated with working without a contractor’s license. When a result, as you pursue a career in construction, you will have more job stability than ever before.

  • Developing Profound Business Relationships

Having a contractor license allows you to bid on larger, more profitable work in a variety of commercial, residential, and government projects. Larger construction organizations frequently recruit licensed contractors to assist them in finishing many projects on schedule. You can build potentially lucrative business partnerships by networking with other contractors. Building relationships will aid in the growth of your professional contractor reputation and increase your trustworthiness with potential clients.

5 Essential Requirements that you Must Meet

  1. Age Requirements

The minimum age required to receive a Contractors License in Florida is 18 years or older.

  • Valid Social Security Number

It is quite required that a valid Social Security number or individual taxpayer identification number ).

  • Proof of Education and Experience

You must be able to demonstrate that you have finished four years of study in a vocational school, training program, or job experience. These criteria can be met even if you only have two years of vocational schooling but two or more years of job experience.

If you have any military experience, it will also be taken into account, and if your details are verified, you will be relieved from paying a fee to get your contractor’s license.

  • Proof of Your Financial Stability

You’ll be requested to submit personal credit reports as well as a credit report for your business when applying for your license (if applicable). The Contractors Licensing Board only accepts specific credit reports, so look through this list of recognized providers to see if they can help you.

  • Demonstrate Your Insurance Coverage

You’ll need evidence of insurance to receive your Florida contractor’s license (including workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees). According to laws existing in Florida, you must have a proper requirement of liable coverage and also may be required to show a construction bond.

Do you Need any Additional Contractor’s Licenses?

There are several types of contractor’s licenses available in Florida, some of which may affect the number of tests required (more on this in a bit). While the focus of this article is on the general certified contractor’s license, Florida has its own set of standards for:

  • Technicians in the HVAC industry
  • Technicians for swimming pools
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing

You may need to apply for multiple licenses depending on your specialization areas. For example, if you’re a roofing contractor, you’ll need to apply for both a general certified contractor license and a roofing contractor license.

Requirements to Pass the State Exam

Now the thing is, you cannot really apply for the contractor’s license until you take the Florida Exam for Contractors. Don’t worry; it’s not meant to be tough; it’s simply meant to test your understanding of fundamental safety, business financing, construction, and other relevant topics. Every other month, for one week, the exam is held in a different city.

You just have to pay a certain registration fee which is about $135, which is payable to the Professional testing, and $80 for exam site administration fees.

You can also choose to apply for the examination online, where you have to pay the fees all at once.

Finalizing your Applications

You’ll be able to finalize your application for your contractor’s license once you’ve taken and passed the Florida license exam. Here’s a rundown of everything you’ll need to include in your contractor’s license application:

  1. Fees for obtaining a license

The licensing price is $249 if you pass the exam before August 31st, 2019; the prorated charge is $149 if you pass the exam and submit your license application after August 31st, 2019.

  • Requirements for Electronic Fingerprints

The state of Florida maintains a list of providers from which you can get fingerprint records for submission to the licensing board.

  • Credit Report

This relates to the overall requirements for obtaining a contractor’s license, as you must demonstrate financial stability. The state of Florida requires you to submit a bond with your application if your credit score is less than 660.

Summing Up

Hopefully, now you understand everything about Florida Contractors License and accordingly proceed with the same.

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