How the Mass Effect Trilogy Changed the Milky Way From Our Own

Except for the most recent entry into the franchise, Block effect The game takes place in the Milky Way galaxy. They follow Commander Shepard and their teammates as they battle a variety of enemies throughout the original game trilogy, and eventually battle the Reapers in a last-ditch effort to save the galaxy once again. Created by Casey Hudson, Drew Karpyshyn and Preston Watamaniuk, Block effect The series includes many games, spin-offs, books, comic books, and cartoons, with a multimedia reach that’s almost as extensive as its setting.


Successful world building is key if a game wants to be able to grow past the limits of the first entry and Block effect series is a perfect example of this. Granted, Mass Effect: Andromeda abandons a lot of the elements of the first three games and shifts the action entirely to another galaxy, but for the most part Block effect The story takes place in humanity’s home galaxy – the Milky Way. BioWare successfully exploits the familiar and the unfamiliar in this context to create the vibrant world of the game, using a combination of the real and the fake.

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Introducing Mass Effect’s Milky Way

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The first three games in Block effect series, now playable in all their remastered glory in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, It all takes place in the Milky Way galaxy. After finding out alien technology In one of Pluto’s moons, humans discovered new ways to travel and explore space, leading to an even amazing discovery – other sentient beings. Despite a rough start to interspecies relationships, humans soon became part of a broader galactic community and began to expand human colonies to more and more planets. as their influence and development increase.

Inner Milky Way Block effect The game is home to a variety of alien creatures, including some fan favorites like the warlord turian, the nomad, and the strongmen. asari. Throughout the trilogy, the player explores the galaxy and many planets as well as the Citadel – the nexus of the galactic community and the seat of the Citadel Council. Using a linked network of mass relays, exploring the galaxy in Shepard’s ship means players will get a good look at the version of the Milky Way that BioWare has built, and with the world at large. alien world, rich legends and diverse species inhabit it. a lot of new and exciting sensations compared to our own galactic version.

What players will find familiar

Mass Effect 3 Fall of Earth Trailer

Although humans have an understanding of many elements in our galaxy, it is fair to say that a large portion of them remain undocumented and unexplored. So, BioWare may have borrowed aspects from real life, but many elements of Block effectThe Milky Way has been created from scratch or with nods to existing objects or locations. However, there are still a lot of things that players may find familiar, even if they are accompanied by an overwhelming list of things that are not.

The names may have been tweaked a bit for the game, but players may recognize a small place called the Sol system in the Local Cluster when they visit the galaxy map on Normandy. This is home to humanity’s tiny pocket of space, with planets like Mercury, Venus and, of course, Earth. Although the player cannot actually land or explore any of the familiar planets until 3 . block effect With missions on Earth and Mars, it’s still fun to see something they can easily recognize represented in the game.

To better match the game’s story and scope, the majority of planets, systems, and galactic aspects have been created specifically for the game. Block effect. It’s easy to see why when estimating for number of planets in the Milky Way could be as high as 100 billion – way too much for BioWare to trawl to base their galactic assets on real assets. But there are still some real elements, such as a series of nebulae designed after developers spent time poring over images from the Hubble Space Telescope and other sources. Side-by-side comparisons show how much effort the developers have gone to to recreate these recognizable shapes, such as the Serpent Nebula (real-life Snake Nebula), Horsehead Nebula and Nebula Hourglass (Engraving).

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Key differences from our Milky Way


While some aspects of Block effectTheir Milky Way is derived from actual parts of our galaxy, of course there are plenty of examples that aren’t. The existence of alien in the wider galaxy is not something that can currently be proven or disproved, so that aspect will not be covered. But another factor that is unquestionable is the inclusion of many locations, systems, and planets that BioWare has built specifically for Block effect series.

For some of the more obvious differences, players only need to consider close to home. The Block effect the game takes place at the end of the 22nd century, and so on The earth and the planets around it have undergone a lot of changes compared to the present day in our galaxy. Charon, the largest of five satellites orbiting the dwarf planet Pluto, is an ice-encrusted mass relay that allows faster-than-light travel – an element in Block effectThe Milky Way is thought to be safer than our own Milky Way.

Other less realistic aspects include elements of Block effect more specific galaxies. For example, Krogan DMZ (or Krogan Demilitarized Zone). It is a cluster relatively close to the Local Cluster of Humanity and contains the home planet of the super-mixed race of Krogans known as Tuchanka. The Krogans formerly had a larger planetary contingent in their vision, but after the devastating events of the Rachni War, the Krogan Rebellion, and the subsequent spread of Genophage, the Krogans were forced to the other regions. Smaller area to live relatively peacefully. The home world of other species is more prominent in the final game of the trilogy, 3 . block effect, including Palaven, Thessia, and Rannoch – planets of historical and cultural significance are both made for Block effectGalaxy.

Along with a variety of alien races, a variety of different planets, and elements adapted from our own Milky Way, BioWare has created a new and vast galaxy full of interesting and in-depth elements for players to explore. Whether it is scanning the surface of a planet for bases and objects in Mako, scanning and launching probes to gather resources or launch on the ground for action missions, there’s a lot for gamers to do and see, even if much of that seems unfamiliar. .

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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