How Taylor Swift Muse Dylan O’Brien Became the Internet’s Biggest Fan

At some point in our media lives, we’ve all engaged in what Letterboxd’s scribe calls the “thirsty clock.” It is when you spend a few hours of your life watching a movie or TV show that you have no interest in, if not an actor that you find extremely attractive and need to see do ordinary things. , which has scenarios such as eating an apple or placing it on a shirt or simulating copulation.

The first time I remember having this experience was in high school when my Tumblr feed was flooded with GIFs, fanfictions, and ship names from the hit series. Teen werewolf, which ran on MTV from 2011 to 2017. I’m not really interested in original, sci-fi shows. Teen werewolf loosely based filming or anything like a unit-sunset bandwagon project. But after catching Dylan O’Brien’s somewhat rugged, somewhat manly face over and over again online, I began to understand the internet’s relationship to the show’s third actor. .

Dylan O’Brien, Taylor Swift and Sadie Sink at the premiere in New York.

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So I sat down and mulled over two hilarious CGI installments and a storyline involving Colton Haynes turning into a lizard before deciding that was all. Teen werewolf I can digest. However, I walk away with a lasting love for O’Brien and his portrayal of Scott McCall’s (main character) best friend Stiles Stilinski, who feels like a spiritual descendant of the OC’s anxious heart Seth Cohen. I watched O’Brien interviews on YouTube and searched his other projects like indie rom-com First time and even Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson’s terrible car Intership. At the time O’Brien starred in Maze runner in 2014 I watched too many YA novel adaptations but was excited nonetheless that O’Brien became a household name.

But that meteor’s ascent didn’t actually happen, at least in the form of franchise-star-object-Oscar-somehow. When Maze runner the trilogy was a financial success, the film was largely considered a failure, failing to make the same cultural impact as its incestuous female-led predecessor. The Hunger Games and those who are abandoned Divergent series. The franchise, which mainly consists of rising actors, also lacks star power to attract eyeballs outside of a younger audience, who are most likely already familiar with O’Brien. Furthermore, the series was halted when O’Brien was severely injured on the set of the final season The Death Cure (he eventually made a full recovery, allowing him to complete the shoot).


Dylan O’Brien in Maze runner

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Since then, O’Brien hasn’t gone on to star in blockbuster movies or, rather, in one of the thousands of streaming TV shows (although he did star in a well-received episode of the series). YouTube anthology produced by Jordan Peele Strange city in 2019). But over the last 5 years, he’s found a way to harness the ultimate celebrity superpower of being problem-free and social media likable and maintaining a unique level of attractiveness that has strengthened him. It’s the “Boyfriend of the Internet”. Most recently, public favor — and obviously talent — earned him a role in Taylor Swift’s Newly Released Short Film “All Too Well” as a Similar Work for Jake Gyllenhaal as well as appearing on an episode of Curb your enthusiasm play a version led by the rock band themselves.

When you think about “Internet Boyfriends,” the category of (mostly white) men Twitter consistently finds themselves sexually confused — from Harry Styles to Daniel Kaluuya to John To Timothee Chalamet — men This lovable grandfather is often a favorite with his steady contributions to fervor, whether it’s Oscar-nominated films or pop-movie nerds. So why does O’Brien, despite his limited filmography and meager presence in popular culture, have such a strong appeal to millennials?

“I think he was part of the original movie, like the beloved White Boys/Internet Boyfriends — Logan Lerman comes to mind — for the most part, being unproblematic and factual.” Natalie Oganesyan, a famous news writer for BuzzFeed speak to me.

“Of course, as a fan, I don’t know the first thing about him, but the way he presents himself on social media, during press tours, while meeting/ interacting with fans, etc., is very real and engaging for me and for a lot of people,” she added.

According to O’Brien’s obsessions I surveyed on Twitter, it seems that the actor exudes a friendly and non-threatening energy like Chalamet that makes him the kind of straight, white woman and people of color feel comfortable unabashedly (until they’re of course not). He is frequently on the right side of discussions on Twitter, whether it’s protect Caitlyn Jenner from runners, amplifying resources for those who oppose Black Lives Matter or express bewilderment end Joker11 Oscar nominations. These examples are arguably the most minimal kind of expression of politeness and awareness that progressive Twitter has always used. But sometimes that’s all you need from a celebrity you’ll probably never have real access to. As Jess, also known as @midwestbimbo on Twitter, summed it up for me, O’Brien “gives a cishet bestie vibe[s] but NOT in a bad way. “

“According to O’Brien’s obsessions I surveyed on Twitter, it seems that the actor exudes a friendly and non-threatening energy like Chalamet that makes him the kind of straight, white woman and people of color feel comfortable unabashedly (until they’re of course not).”

Some of the other social media antics that have garnered a lot of O’Brien acclaim recently is the dramatic rendition he performed with actress Sarah Ramos in a remarkable scene from years ago. 2010 Social networks in which Andrew Garfield’s character Eduardo Saverin confronts Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg. There were also photos this past summer of the actor sporting bleached hair and fake tattoos for a role in the upcoming Hulu movie. No OK that sent Twitter into meltdown, a convenient change for our current punk-obsessed times.

“He was like Timothee Chalamet before Chalamet was there,” said Nia Tucker, a former Teen werewolf viewers. “O’Brien had a Youtube Channel from his youth that you can see funny tidbits. And he was very charming in front of the camera and in front of the camera as Stiles, but you could always tell that he took his acting very seriously. ”

Along with O’Brien’s charisma and physicality — one Twitter user told me he has “beautiful hands” — fans reiterate the fact that, although we have known O’Brien for a decade, but we still haven’t seen all he can do. At a time when Hollywood seems to be recycling some of its male leads, 30-year-old O’Brien, knowingly or not, has yet to fall victim to the very same overexposure that has made some actors so popular. Overbooked as Chalamet and Noah Centineo tired and even overrated for some.

“I feel like a lot of the main actors are comparable [to O’Brien] right now or take roles that are completely ridiculous, like Noah Centineo, or they take themselves too seriously, and we can’t see their personalities,” Tucker said.

“I feel there is a lot of untapped potential for him as an actor,” continued Oganesyan. “Like, he’s really nice. And the movies he’s been in haven’t really matched his acting skills, in my opinion. So I’m really looking forward to seeing what his next movies are like Skin and No OK help him get on his own / reinforce what we already know about him being talented. “

While the average aspiring actor’s dream of getting instantly into A-list territory may be an A-lister’s dream, it looks like Dylan O’Brien’s promise has yet to be fulfilled. , star, After all these years, he has become one of the most attractive figures in public eye. It might not be the most financially lucrative tactic, but it looks like his brand can continue to profit by keeping fans hungry. How Taylor Swift Muse Dylan O’Brien Became the Internet’s Biggest Fan


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