How Significant are YouTube Comments and Likes?

Likes and comments over an image or post or video is a user’s way of expressing their intent/interest in that digital asset which means a lot to another user as these impressions help them get an overview of it.

We can well relate to the YouTube videos we accept and reject just by looking at their caption, likes, views, and comments. Isn’t it?

Likes and comments are both wonderful and significant features of YouTube that make it so unique. A significant amount of likes on a YouTube video indicates viewers’ natural traffic, and a stream of comments helps develop a community and conversation around your videos. 

“Likes and Comments are those powerful elements of YouTube that help boost a Video’s popularity.”

How well your YouTube video performs is directly proportional to the number of likes and ever-valuable comments it acquires, concerning the engagement the video content builds with an individual.

Well, that is not just enough to pivot the importance that YouTube Likes and Comments hold. Let us check them out in a listicle:

#Comments Help to Redefine your Video Content

The comment section featured in YouTube has a crucial role to play in rendering insights into the content that the video displays. 

Comments help the content creator to communicate with its viewers and subscribers where he/she can get suggestions over the content feed and new ideas of the future content. Thus, more comments over a YouTube video incurs more audience engagement, enhanced web visibility, and a true fan following.

One can also think to buy YouTube comments as a strategy to support your video in inviting more people towards it and thereby, gaining popularity.

#Likes and Comments Raise Web Ranking

Getting a good amount of likes and comments on YouTube helps your video to occupy a higher ranking in the SERPs, especially, comments which is a metric that affects video positioning other than watch time, views, and likes.

The more the connection your video builds with the audience, the higher are the chance to gain top position on the search engine’s #1 results page

#The Duo Helps to Boost Channel’s Popularity

Growth in likes and comments is one major factor that piques the interest of other viewers to watch your video. In a way, it lends credibility to your work. 

Accommodating more and more likes and comments on a video informs YouTube algorithms of the engagement that you build with the users in form of community interaction. There is data analytics that monitors the index of views, likes, and comments and helps search engines in playing their role of positioning you.

It is always recommended not to block comments section as encouraging comments and likes bolster in establishing a base of real and positive feedback for your videos as well as channel.

#Builds Rapport Between Content Creator and Viewers

Comments and likes over a video is an aspect that abstractly gives the content creator a way to communicate with the viewers and subscribers that indirectly build  rapport between them.

{*Nonetheless, all of it goes smooth unless the social interaction sounds healthy and is encircled within a limit. }

You Tube is a commercial and marketing playground. A video that entice viewers to engage and react is a study in marketing relevance with some YouTube channels that can generate huge returns for the creative originators of the video. 

Science and study can be applied to push the creative barriers. Production video that has yet has to be studied academically and applied as marketing science .


Basically the more comments you can it will not only help to increase your search visibility on the engine result, but also give you the ideas to construct a better content in the future. It will help you to improve your social skill and give the opportunity to actually appreciate and reward you viewers for their supports to your videos and channel.

More comments also can caused more people to watch your video and subscribe to your channel. This is because, many comments attract the masses to check your video out even more. They would thought that there’s something special about your video that invite many people to it.

These days you don’t have to incentivize people to actually leave a few comments in your videos just to get boost of your channel and videos popularity. You can actually hire a third party company to campaign your video and get real users to comment to it. Real users comments usually will help to convince more people the validity and the quality of your video content and channel. You may check my credentials if you want to know how to get real users comments easily.

Huynh Nguyen

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