How Resident Evil 3 Remake Improves the gameplay of Resident Evil 2 Remake

Arguably no gaming horror franchise is as iconic as Resident Evil series. Since launching the first game on PS1 in 1996, Resident Evil The series has spawned several titles brought different tones and play styles to the delight of many fans.

Capcom remake Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 for modern gaming systems, allowing a new generation of gamers to enjoy two classic titles. Although the remake of Resident Evil 2 received rave reviews for the stunning reconstruction of the Raccoon City Police Department, Resident Evil 3Its remake received a slightly warmer reception. Many considered the remake to be disloyal to the original, while others complained that the game was too short. Despite these criticisms, there is still much to praise Resident Evil 3 because the. It brought numerous gameplay improvements to its predecessor, perhaps making it the more replayable of the two titles.


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Introducing Dodge Mechanic

Resident Evil 3 redo the quick dodge step

Although the popularity of Resident Evil, zombie It’s no longer a rarity in the gaming world. Countless games have endless permutations of the undead. Resident EvilThe zombies are mostly slow, mindless enemies whose sole goal is to eat human organs. The first three games in the series build on feelings of fear and dread by placing players in a claustrophobic environment, outnumbering them, and providing them with a limited amount of ammunition. While zombies can be easily overcome, it is also easy for players to find themselves surrounded and without ammo.

This style of play is well done in Resident Evil 2rework, do it again. However, it has the effect of making the characters feel very stiff. There are some moments in the game where controlling Claire or Leon is like controlling a wooden plank. This is especially jarring when you compare Resident Evil 2 to a lot of other modern games, where playable characters tend to be versatile and have a lot of portability.

Resident Evil 3Rework of solving this problem through the addition of avoidance mechanisms. When Jill is cornered by zombies, she can quickly dodge. Through this mechanic, the ghostly tone of the game is preserved, but movement no longer feels stiff and constrained. Switching back from two games reveals a significant useful change that the dodge mechanic is all about. After spending an extended period of time with Resident Evil 3, return Resident Evil 2 makes the game’s movement feel outdated.

Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis – A Foe Worth Fighting

Screenshot from the Resident Evil 3 remake showing Jill about to open fire on the approaching Nemesis.

One of the most acclaimed aspects of Resident Evil 2The remake of Mr. X. As players explore the Raccoon City Police Department and execute zombies, they eventually encounter a seemingly invincible foe named Mr. X. He is the Tyrant created by the Umbrella Corporation: He stalks the player, and his heavy footsteps echo across the wooden floor. Knowing that he is hiding and possibly just around the corner is a terrifying experience, and his presence effectively increases tension.

However, after the first playthrough of the game, the flaws with Mr.X became apparent. He is almost entirely avoidable once one understands how he works. Mr. X can hear the player’s footsteps, so as long as the player is not running around the police station, Mr. X cannot hear their location. In the end, Mr. X turned from a terrifying presence to a mere annoyance. The more players Resident Evil 2the easier it is to avoid Mr. X.

Resident Evil 3Nemesis’ Main Enemy, an enemy armed with several heavy artillery. It doesn’t matter whether the player is on tiptoe or running, once Nemesis is locked by the target, he will not give up. While some gamers criticize the scripting of Nemesis encounters, there is some benefit to knowing that there are certain points where players will have a guaranteed action-packed encounter without they cannot run away. Nemesis’s wide variety of weapons and moves make him a great enemy to fight in replays Resident Evil 3. While Mr. X delivers a slow scare, Nemesis’ moments of boundless chaos are ultimately the most memorable.

Resident Evil 3The 2020 remake is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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